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2211 Attorneys or Lawyers profiles in South Africa

  1. Anna Magdalena (Mandi) Hamman
    Law firm: Mandi Hamman Attorneys (Brits)
    Years of Practice: 14    Position: Director

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  2. Izelle Bekker
    Law firm: Kruger & Bekker Attorneys (Middelburg)
    Years of Practice: 25    Position: Partner

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  3. Eric Palmer
    Law firm: Eric Palmer Attorney (Rustenburg)
    Years of Practice: 6    Position: Owner

    Eric Palmer Attorney's competitive edge lies in our affordable rates, excellent services, and in the good natured way in which Eric Palmer engages with each of our clients. The firm was founded in March 2015 to provide superior quality legal services at a fraction of the cost of the larger Rustenbu... click for more information

  4. Mark Safranek
    Law firm: SAFRANEKS Attorneys (Houghton)
    Years of Practice: 17    Position: Principal & Founder

    Mark Safranek has practised law for over 16 years and specialises in corporate & commercial matters; mergers & acquisitions; black economic empowerment; competition/anti-trust; bankruptcy, insolvency & restructuring; pharmaceutical & healthcare; renewable energy; oil & energy; mining; construction a... click for more information

  5. Richard Sohn
    Law firm: Sohn & Associates Attorneys (Knysna)
    Years of Practice: 51    Position: Sole Proprietor

    Richard Sohn started practising law in the sixties in Cape Town and subsequently in Johannesburg for twenty years specializing in commercial and insolvency matters. He has two post-graduate diplomas – Higher Diploma in Tax Law – December 1978 and Higher Diploma in Company Law –... click for more information

  6. Emile Schmidt
    Law firm: Sohn & Associates Attorneys (Knysna)
    Position: Associate

    Emile Schmidt holds the degrees BA LLB (University of Stellenbosch). He worked as a public prosecutor from December 1988 until April 1990 and served his articles at Loots, Steenkamp Attorneys in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal where after he was admitted to practice in June 1992. He remained with ... click for more information

  7. Greg Lewis
    Law firm: Nordien Law Inc (Cape Town)
    Years of Practice: 2    Position: Associate

    Greg attended Varsity College and completed his LLB at the University of South Africa in 2009. He completed the LEAD Practical Legal Training Course at the University of Cape Town during 2011 and was employed as a consultant at a small law practice during 2015, where he dealt largely with collection... click for more information

  8. Matthew van der Want
    Law firm: van der Want Attorneys (Norwood, Johannesburg)
    Years of Practice: 14    Position: Owner

    Matthew van der Want has been an attorney for 13 years. His current focus is on commercial law, mining law, the law governing the custody and adminsitration of securities under the Financial Markets Act, 2012, commercial drafting, administrative law and litigation. He is an excpert on South African ... click for more information

  9. Marina Horak
    Law firm: Horak Incorporated Cape Town
    Years of Practice: 32    Position: Director

    Marina is an admitted Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer. Marina Horak holds 27 years of uninterrupted legal experience. Marina was 'n prosecutor, regional court prosecutor, criminal magistrate and civil magistrate for many years. She also worked for the Master of the High Court and for First Nation... click for more information

  10. Natasha Sylvia Jacobsohn
    Law firm: Horak Incorporated Cape Town
    Years of Practice: 5    Position: Attorney

    Natasha holds the LLB Degree from the University of Johannesburg. She specialises in Commercial Litigation, Collections and Family Law and has a special interest in Labour Law. click for more information

  11. Tony Clulow
    Law firm: A.G. Clulow & Co. (Pinetown)
    Years of Practice: 24    Position: Director

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  12. Catherine Cox
    Law firm: Bertus Preller at Maurice Phillips Wisenberg
    Years of Practice: 4    Position: Senior Associate

    Catherine studied at UNISA where she obtained an LLB Law Degree and a Diploma of Paralegal studies at the The South African School of Paralegal Studies College. Her legal career started when she was appointed as a Litigation Secretary at Van Der Spuy and Partners a law firm in Cape Town. She later b... click for more information

  13. Nomvula Masinga
    Law firm: N. Masinga & Associates (Durban)
    Years of Practice: 8    Position: Director

    Graduated at the top of her class at the University of Zululand (Ungoye). Has been in practice for 4 years. Specialises in Debt Review Application, Deceased Estate, Family Law and Property Transfers. click for more information

  14. Willie Simpson
    Law firm: Simpsons Attorneys Inc. (Bellville)
    Years of Practice: 30    Position: Founder and Director

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  15. Collette Julyan
    Law firm: Simpsons Attorneys Inc. (Bellville)
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Director

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  16. Tamlyn Melville
    Law firm: Simpsons Attorneys Inc. (Bellville)
    Years of Practice: 9    Position: Director

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  17. Aggie Rudy
    Law firm: A Rudy Attorneys (Cape Town)
    Years of Practice: 21    Position: Director

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  18. Azwinndini Khampha
    Law firm: Khampha Attorneys Inc (Sandton)
    Years of Practice: 21    Position: Director

    He is the founder of the law firm and manages it on a day to day basis. He was admitted to practice as an Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer in 1998. In 2000, he joined the corporate finance department of Simmons & Simmons, a London based law firm in the United Kingdom. While there, he also sp... click for more information

  19. Rachel Ramaano
    Law firm: Khampha Attorneys Inc (Sandton)
    Position: Associate

    She is an admitted Attorney and has a right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa. She obtained B.Iuris and LLB degrees from the University of Pretoria where she was awarded the Professor EM Hamman Floating Trophy for the best student in Transnational Business law. This covered commercial... click for more information

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