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2225 Attorneys or Lawyers profiles in South Africa

  1. Abraham le Roux
    Law firm: Le Roux Inc (Port Elizabeth)
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Director

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  2. Jaco le Roux
    Law firm: BLR Attorneys (Witbank)
    Years of Practice: 12    Position: Director

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  3. Nico Le Roux
    Law firm: Miller Bosman Le Roux (Somerset West)
    Position: Director

    Nico graduated from Stellenbosch University in 1979 with a BA LLB degree. He was admitted as an attorney in 1985 and has the right of appearance in the High Court. Nico's career includes tenures as Senior Prosecutor in Upington, Regional Court Prosecutor in Kimberley and State Advocate at the offic... click for more information

  4. Remano Le Roux
    Law firm: Nelson Borman and Partners Inc (Florida)
    Position: Associate

    Remano obtained his LLB degree from the University of the North-West in 2010. Remano started his articles of clerkship in 2011 at Nelson Borman and Partners Inc in the Litigation department of the Florida Branch. Remano was admitted as an attorney in 2013 and was appointed as an Associate at the Flo... click for more information

  5. Lindy Le Roux
    Law firm: Shepstone & Wylie (Pietermaritzburg)
    Position: Partner

    Lindy is a Property Law specialist, her main areas of interest include: Local conveyancing, small developments and a variety of Notarial work. click for more information

  6. Frank Le Roux
    Law firm: FJ Le Roux Attorneys (Kriel)
    Years of Practice: 38    Position: Director

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  7. Elvira Le Roux
    Law firm: Le Roux Incorporated (Polokwane)
    Years of Practice: 21    Position: Director

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  8. Robyn Le Roux
    Law firm: LDA Incorporated (Hydepark)
    Position: Front Office, Administration Manager

    Robyn manages the front office and the administration of the Firm. Robyn is hands on and always available to assist clients with logistics and general office arrangements. click for more information

  9. De Louw Le Roux
    Law firm: Le Roux & Du Plessis Attorneys (Centurion)
    Years of Practice: 23    Position: Director

    De louw graduated from the University of the Free State in 1996 and is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer, Notary (with the right of appearance in the High Courts of South Africa). He is also an external lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, lecturing Mercantile Law (Contract Law and Corporate... click for more information

  10. Christelle Le Roux
    Law firm: MacRobert Inc (Pretoria)
    Position: Senior Associate

    Christelle graduated from the University of Pretoria with an LLB degree. She has experience in areas of litigation, family law and contractual disputes and her specialities lie in personal injury law and contractual disputes. Christelle is an associate in the Personal Injury Litigation Department an... click for more information

  11. Werner Le Roux
    Law firm: AV Theron & Swanepoel (Sasolburg)
    Years of Practice: 1    Position: Professional Assistant

    Werner Eugene Le Roux was born in Sasolburg on the 18th of November 1991. He matriculated in 2009 at Sasolburg High School. Werner is an ambitious an Enthusiastic individual whom after matriculation pursed 2 degrees at the North West University. Werner first completed a BA degree with majors in L... click for more information

  12. Hendrik Le Roux
    Law firm: Geldenhuys & Jonker Attorneys (Vredenburg)
    Years of Practice: 28    Position: Associate

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  13. Julia Le Roux (Zhang)
    Law firm: Thomson Wilks (Sandton)
    Years of Practice: 19    Position: Associate

    Julia has over 17 years of working experience in the major cities of China. She has obtained a diploma, MBA and LLB. She shall be the first female mainland Chinese attorney in South Africa. Julia has also published several translation works from English to Chinese, which include all the material fo... click for more information

  14. Dimakatso Antonio Ledwaba
    Law firm: Shapiro and Ledwaba Inc (Pretoria)
    Years of Practice: 13    Position: Director

    After matriculating with merit from Ratshego High School, Temba in 2001, Dimakatso Antonio Ledwaba ("Antonio") enrolled at the University of Pretoria to study for an LLB degree. In 2005, Antonio completed this LLB degree at the University of Pretoria with 35 distinctions. Thereafter, Antonio comple... click for more information

  15. Hardus Lee
    Law firm: Anton Bakker Incorporated (Brooklyn)
    Position: Director

    Hardus Lee has a legal career that spans over a decade. His areas of prctice include giving legal advice on diverse aspects of labour law, chairing disciplinary hearings, representing client's in the CCMA and various bargaining councils, appearing in the Labour Court and High Court. click for more information

  16. Anny Lee
    Law firm: Thomson Wilks (Sandton)
    Years of Practice: 6    Position: Consultant

    Anny completed her articles at Thomson Wilks and was admitted in 2014. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin as she has been actively involved in the Chinese community. In particular, she has been involved with the Nan Hua Temple and uses her bilingual abilities as a translator at various eve... click for more information

  17. Phuti Michael Lefoka
    Law firm: Phuti Lefoka Attorneys (Polokwane)
    Years of Practice: 13    Position: Director

    LLB degrees from the University of Limpopo History: He is an admitted Attorney and has a right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa. She obtained LLB degree from the University of Limpopo where he was awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Practical Legal Studies after successful comp... click for more information

  18. Andrew Legg
    Law firm: Van Hulsteyns (Sandton)
    Years of Practice: 19    Position: Partner

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  19. Melissa Leibowitz
    Law firm: Lawtons Africa
    Years of Practice: 14    Position: Director

    Melissa Leibowitz focuses on the drafting and registration of complex mortgage bonds for commercial and development finance purposes. She advises on and prepares debt security documentation, acting for the large corporate banks in South Africa. Dealing with all aspects of conveyancing work, such a... click for more information

  20. Alec Leicher
    Law firm: Knowles Husain Lindsay Inc (Johannesburg, Sandton)
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Director

    Alec's areas of practice include attending to commercial and residential transfers, mortgage bonds for major commercial banks, Investec mortgage bonds, commercial property finance bonds, notarial bonds, servitudes, notarial work, sub-divisions and township establishment, establishment of sectional s... click for more information

  21. Jaco Leonard
    Law firm: NGL Attorneys, Gys Louw Inc (Alberton, Meyersdal)
    Years of Practice: 25    Position: Partner

    Admitted as an attorney in the Supreme Court of South Africa (TVL Provincial Division), 1996 Appointed as a Professional Assistant at Bekker & Viktor Attorneys, Vanderbijlpark, 1996 Appointed as a Professional Assistant at Nhlabathi Louw & Partners Inc, 2002 to date Appointed as Director of Gys Louw... click for more information

  22. Petro Lessing
    Law firm: Petro Lessing Attorneys (Strand)
    Years of Practice: 29    Position: Owner, attorneys and conveyancer

    Petro Lessing is an admitted attorney and conveyancer since 1992 from which date she attended to property transactions. She has a history of 32 years+ in conveyancing, starting at the Deeds office Pretoria in 1988. She practiced from 1997 under her own company name, changed to Petro Lessing Attorney... click for more information

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