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8 Attorneys or Lawyers and 6 Law Firms in Rosebank

  1. Rasiluma TD Attorneys Inc. (Hyde Park)
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    We deliver highly skilled, effective, and innovative legal solutions to our clients in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. We take our time to listen to and understand our clients' concerns and customize a solution that directly responds to their individual and business needs. Services CORPO... click for more information

  2. Eiser & Kantor (Rosebank)
    Years of Practice: 52 | View Attorneys (1)

    Hugh Eiser has been admitted as an attorney since 1972. His expertise ranges over a wide area in the commercial law and commercial litigation fields, including: Negotiating and drafting of merger and acquisition, and related agreements, involving nine and ten figure amounts. He is able to underst... click for more information

  3. D'Arcy-Herrman Raney Inc.
    Years of Practice: 23 | View Attorneys (1)

    D'Arcy-Herrman Raney Inc. specialises in: Litigation, which includes General Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation in the High Court and Magistrates Court and Family Law, which including divorces ; Conveyancing, which includes land transfers, sectional title transfers, sub-division an... click for more information

  4. Crawford and Associates Attorneys (Rosebank, Parkwood)
    Years of Practice: 30 | View Attorneys (1)

    Crawford and Associates Attorneys have been in business for over three decades. Our firm has a reputation for being innovative, responsive and for giving expert advice in all spheres of Labour Law, Criminal, Commercial and Civil matters. Based in Johannesburg, our services in employment law and ind... click for more information

  5. Blake Attorneys (Randburg)
    Years of Practice: 25 | View Attorneys (2)

    Blake attorneys are Divorce attorneys, children's court, maintenance court and Domestic Violence attorneys.. All these courts know us as a familiar face. We started the firm on 1 October 1998. We believe in giving the clearest honest advice at the earliest point in a case. We have considerable expe... click for more information

  6. Anthony Rome Attorneys (Rosebank, Parkwood)
    Years of Practice: 30 | View Attorneys (2)

    Anthony Rome Attorneys is a dynamic law firm focused on providing unique and cost efficient solutions. Established in 1992, our areas of speciality include all aspects of divorce and family law, insurance and criminal law. We also offer, and strongly support, alternative methods of dispute resolutio... click for more information