Service Contract is a company providing free public access to a directory of subscribed attorneys practices via the Internet. Clients using our services are subject to compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below.

After completing the registration form, you will commence your subscription on the next 1st day of the following calendar month. i.e. if you sign up on the 16 March your subscription will start on the 1st of April. The subscription to is payable one month in advance.

Should you decide to terminate your subscription, require that you submit written notice one calendar month prior to cancellation. Cancellations should be faxed to 0866 163 641. Please make sure to include your company name and the names of the attorneys that you want to unsubscribe.

If you have not received confirmation of your cancellation request within 2 working days of sending, either via fax or e-mail, then you should assume that has not received the document. If such an event should occur, please resend and contact our customer care centre on 0861 114 619 or email to make sure that the documents have been successfully received the second time round.

Cancellation of a subscription does not release the account holder from paying any and all amounts due to at the time of cancellation. Subscriptions paid in advance are not refundable. Prices are subject to change with 1 months notice.

Duplicate Accounts
Please ensure that you only register once when you subscribe to will not be held liable for duplicate subscriptions regardless of whether they have been put to use or not. The onus is on you to contact if you suspect that you have registered more then once so that we can terminate the duplicate account before any debits are processed.

Please contact at 0861 114 619 if you have any problems with your registration. That way we can ascertain whether your registration was accepted on our system or not and thus avoid duplicating your account.

Change Of Banking Details
Subscribers are obligated to inform in writing of any changes in banking details. These must be sent via fax 0866 163 641 on a company letterhead. The legality of email has not yet been determined in a court of law and so e-mails received cannot be treated as legally binding contracts.

Overdue Accounts reserves the right to withhold access for overdue accounts, while the subscriber shall continue to be liable for the service until the conditions of notice of cancellation are fulfilled. The terms and conditions stated above may change periodically. You agree to view such terms and conditions at "/service_contract.asp and unless otherwise notified, shall deem you to have agreed to all terms and conditions therein within 14 days of any changes.

No warranties of any kind are made by This includes, but is not limited to, continuous site functionality and the accuracy of any data on the site or sites linked to it. Returned Direct Debit transfers will be subject to a R100 handling fee. will not refund any client if they are in breach of these Terms and Conditions.