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8 Attorneys or Lawyers and 6 Law Firms that practice Evictions in Stellenbosch

  1. Tuckers Inc Attorneys (Stellenbosch)
    Years of Practice: 41

    Tuckers Attorneys is well established as one of the leading legal practices in the winelands with a solid reputation in all areas of the law. Tuckers Inc is people orientated and our clients' interests are our primary concern. We presently have a staff complement in excess of sixty, comprising a te... click for more information

  2. Heneke Attorneys Inc (Stellenbosch)

    Heneke Attorneys Inc is a law firm that focusses on providing expert legal services with affordable rates and flexible billing practices to cater for people of all spheres and walks of life including businesses. With a small but effective legal team, we deliver results dynamically while we are com... click for more information

  3. Cluver Markotter Inc (Stellenbosch)
    Years of Practice: 133

    Cluver Markotter is a century-old law firm based in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Adhering to the same standards of excellence and trust established by our founders, we offer personally tailored legal solutions catering for each of our client's individual needs. Our experienced... click for more information

  4. Van Zyl Scheepers Attorneys (Stellenbosch)
    Years of Practice: 3

    We are reliable attorneys in Stellenbosch providing top-notch legal advice without all the intimidating jargon and complexity. We're obsessed with our ethics, and while we won't bend the rules for you, we'll let you choose how you interact with us and how often. We cover a wide range of legal areas... click for more information

  5. Sune van der Merwe Attorneys (Stellenbosch)

    Sune van der Merwe Attorneys is a small, female run, law firm in Stellenbosch & Paarl, Western Cape. Although only established in March 2018, the firm has made great strides in assisting it's clients. The firm is passionate about the fair treatment of consumers. The firm is dedicted to results and p... click for more information

  6. Badenhorst Attorneys Criminal Law Attorneys (Stellenbosch)

    Badenhorst Attorneys is a litigation and commercial law firm, with established offices in Strand and Somerset West. Our core practice areas include High Court Litigation (Criminal and Civil), Magistrates Court Litigation (Criminal and Civil), Deceased Estates Administration, Estate Planning, Conveya... click for more information

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  8. Frederick van Zyl
    Position: Director

    The level-headed partner you want in your corner when it comes to securing deals or hashing out problems. He's enough of a lawyer to win the argument and enough of a strategist to know he doesn't always have to. With a combination of diligence, tenacity, fairness, and patience, Frederick always come... click for more information

  9. Koos Geyser
    Years of Practice: 22    Position: Director

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  10. Piet Badenhorst
    Years of Practice: 7    Position: Senior Associate

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  11. Cheri Petersen
    Years of Practice: 3    Position: Associate

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  12. Hamlet Dew Heneke
    Position: Managing Director

    Hamlet has acquired various prizes such as being named the best legal adviser of the year for one of the companies he worked for. Hamlet also has vast experience in litigation having worked for various law firms in Cape Town focusing primarily on High Court Litigation. Hamlet the founder of Heneke ... click for more information