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2 Attorneys or Lawyers and 4 Law Firms that practice Partnership Agreements in Stellenbosch

  1. Heneke Attorneys Inc (Stellenbosch)

    Heneke Attorneys Inc is a law firm that focusses on providing expert legal services with affordable rates and flexible billing practices to cater for people of all spheres and walks of life including businesses. With a small but effective legal team, we deliver results dynamically while we are com... click for more information

  2. Van Zyl Scheepers Attorneys (Stellenbosch)
    Years of Practice: 3

    We are reliable attorneys in Stellenbosch providing top-notch legal advice without all the intimidating jargon and complexity. We're obsessed with our ethics, and while we won't bend the rules for you, we'll let you choose how you interact with us and how often. We cover a wide range of legal areas... click for more information

  3. Brand & Robberts Attorneys (Stellenbosch)
    Years of Practice: 33

    Adri Brand established Brand & Robberts Attorneys in 2016 within the charming and historic town of Stellenbosch, nestled in the Boland region. Our accomplished team of attorneys boasts extensive expertise in specialized fields. We are committed to providing exemplary legal services characterized by ... click for more information

  4. Falck Attorneys Inc (Stellenbosch)
    Years of Practice: 22

    Falck Attorneys Inc is your boutique firm for all commercial and personal legal services practising in the Western Cape, and more particularly in the Boland area from the towns of Robertson, Montagu and Stellenbosch, along the West Coast in Velddrif and in the Cape in Cape Town. We count amongst ou... click for more information

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  6. Adri Brand
    Years of Practice: 33    Position: Attorney and Senior Partner

    Adri Brand (Partner), holding BLC, LLB, and LLM degrees from Tukkies in Pretoria—she began practicing law in 1991 after completing her articles at a prominent firm in Pretoria. In 2016, after 25 years in law practice, she established her own firm, driven by a commitment to uphold her principl... click for more information

  7. Hamlet Dew Heneke
    Position: Managing Director

    Hamlet has acquired various prizes such as being named the best legal adviser of the year for one of the companies he worked for. Hamlet also has vast experience in litigation having worked for various law firms in Cape Town focusing primarily on High Court Litigation. Hamlet the founder of Heneke ... click for more information