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Goldberg Attorneys (Labour Court, Braamfontein)

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Arbitration, Employment Equity, Employment Law, Industrial Law, Industrial Relations, Labour Law, Liquidation, Mediation, Sports
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86 Juta Street, Ground Floor, Arbour Square, Building Braamfontein (Labour Court Building)
Gauteng / Johannesburg
Johannesburg Central
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P. O. Box 522519, Saxonwold, 2131, 2132
How to find us:
86 Juta Street Corner Melle & Juta Streets inside the Labour Court Building named Arbour Square Building.

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Who are we / About us?

Goldberg  Attorneys Inc. is a labour law boutique firm conveniently situated in the same building that houses the LABOUR COURT, Arbour Square Building. The firm is headed up by 🎓 Mr Andrew Goldberg (20 years' experience in Labour Law).

We are Labour Law specialists and deal with all labour law-related issues, and in particular in Labour Court matters - Labour Court referrals, drafting of pleadings including complex review applications, rescissions, exceptions, opinions, heads of argument, review applications, urgent applications; joinders / legal representation; Opposing review applications on a minimal fee basis; Contempt applications, Drafting Statements of Claim concerning collective retrenchments, strikes and discrimination. Judge’s directives on retrenchments, strikes and racism. Drafting bill of costs and attending taxation, arbitrations, Labour Appeal Court - Appeals, submissions, heads of arguments and arguing before Court. We also do CCMA arbitrations and disciplinary hearings, as well as human resources policies and industrial relations.

We are the best labour attorneys/labour lawyers. If anyone can win your case, it is us! Do not settle for less than the best! Goldberg Attorneys have an impeccable record, having won most of their cases!! Presently we have 10 costs orders we need to cash in on!!!

We can represent you at Arbitration at the CCMA for as little as R3,000 /  full day! So call Lethu now to book us for your next Arbitration date!



Read Acting Judge Goldberg's Judgment here

AND his latest Judgment here

Current happenings

We are swamped handling the thousands of cases that are referred to us every month, and as such, should you not get through on our normal number 0114030015, please pop us an email or call us on the alternative number 0113395102. We want your case!! 

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Do you have an Arbitration Award in your favour - if so, we can help you enforce it wherever you are - be it Mpumalanga, North West or KZN or even the Cape - we work out of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban Labour Courts.

Let Andrew Goldberg, who has acted as a Judge of the Labour Court, handle your matter!


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We do CORRESPONDENT work at less 1/3 - call Andrew on 0113395102.

We do filing of cases at the Constitutional Court - Remember, you need 25 copies!

Goldberg Attorneys have had over 60 cases reported on the internet !!


Watch Mr Goldberg on SABC Live speaking with Cameron Morajane of the CCMA and Paul Benjamin on the New Amendments to the LRA  here.


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Let us do the work and ensure you get the results you seek.


I LOVE 😍 what I do - you'll find me in COURT.


We now host disciplinary hearings at our offices in Braamfontein with an appointed independent chairperson, interpreter, and recording system. Please book in advance with Lethu to secure a date and time.

Mr Goldberg, the CEO/Director, has the most appearances and reported cases of any single Labour Attorney in the last ten (10) years. Mr Goldberg is a well-spoken, trustworthy, confident individual and runs cases from start to finish, including urgent interdicts and complex matters all by himself. Mr Goldberg is also a well-known and respected attorney at the Labour Court with over 800 appearances at Labour Court and 10 at Labour Appeal Court.

We are here to service you!!🐯

Here below are our last 5 reported cases for you to peruse at your leisure.

[Reported cases with the relevant internet site hyperlink where available]

  1. Ramatlotlo Gibson Ramafole / Air – Tech Aviation Maintenance (Pty) Ltd; J 2474/2013; JR 2267/2013
  2. Satellite And Steel World v Mabogwana And Others Delivered: 31 July 2015 Application for rescission of judgment and 2017
  3. George and Mossie's Supermarket (Pty) Ltd t/a Pick 'n Pay Brightwater Commons v Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration and Others (JR1965/2016) [2018] ZALCJHB 249 (17 July 2018)
  4. Bytes Managed Solutions (Pty) Ltd v Commission for Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration and Others (JR2212/16) [2019] ZALCJHB 203 (19 August 2019)
  5. Kobua / AVK Valves Southern Africa – Labour Court Case No.: JS 556/16

Please phone us on 0114030015 or 0832607530 (Andrew) for a copy of any of these judgments. 

Recent Case Law Report



17 December 2020 Shepherd Chiloane v Trans-Africa Projects (Pty) Ltd

The Employee put a RACIST remark as his Whatsapp® status. The remark was not published, but another employee took a screenshot of it. Despite the Employee apologising, he was charged and dismissed. At Arbitration, only the Employee appeared. The Employee set out that he never violated any of the Company's policies, and what is more, he did not believe in the remark. He said he had already been maltreated in the workplace and labelled as a bad person. The Commissioner considered the Employee's evidence. He found that whereas the Employee rightfully had a right to freedom of expression, this right did not extend to propagating hate speech, racist remarks, and impairment of the dignity of others. The Employee appeared not to appreciate the seriousness of his misconduct and the detrimental effect it may have on the workplace. His public sharing of the remarks gave them currency, and as such, it could be reasonably said that he agreed with them even if he did not. Found that the Employee had committed a serious misconduct that rendered the employment relationship untenable. The Employer's code prescribed dismissal as the preferred sanction, and he could not find that the Employee had made out a case allowing for him to deviate therefrom.
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For the Arbitration Award, see:

Changing the Terms and Conditions of Employment.

How can it be done?  5 tips on how an employer can ensure a smooth transition where one wants to effect a change to a contract of employment. #hr #employment #change #employmentlaw #humanresources #employeeengagement

Tip #1: Consider whether the proposed change will affect the employment contract and whether there is a contractual right to make the change.
Tip #2: Consider why the change is needed and listen to and communicate with employees.
Tip #3: Consider offering employees an incentive to encourage them to accept the change.
Tip #4: Obtain written confirmation of any agreement to a change in the contract.
Tip #5: Carry out the statutory collective consultation process where appropriate.
#employees #management #recruitment

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