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Arbitration, Employment Equity, Employment Law, Industrial Law, Industrial Relations, Labour Law, Liquidation, Mediation, Sports
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86 Juta Street, Ground Floor, Arbour Square , Building Braamfontein (Labour Court Building)
Gauteng / Johannesburg
Johannesburg Central
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P. O. Box 522519 , Saxonwold, 2132
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DO YOU HAVE AN ARBITRATION AWARD/Settlement Agreement IN YOUR FAVOUR and your employer will not comply therewith urgently contact us we will help you to obtain what you have won in terms of the Award!!!!
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Please note that we no longer provide the Labour Court Rolls, the Contact details of the Labour Court or the Recent Directives for the Labour Court Effective 02/04/2013 These can be obtained on the following sites
How to find us:
86 Juta Street Corner Melle & Juta Streets inside the Labour Court Building named Arbor Square Building. We are in the same building as the labour court on the ground floor. We are presently providing free parking to clients who arrange in advance!!

September 2020 Labour law specialist - Johannesburg Coronavirus COVID 19

Our offices in Braamfontein is open again - please pop in to wish us a speedy recovery after we were forced to close our doors during the national lockdown.

If you are reading this you obviously have a Labour issue that you want resolving - please feel free to contact our hotline on 0832607530 and speak to Andrew. The call is R500.00 only per person involved. CALL NOW!

Zoom or contact on Microsoft teams. Invite me to your meetings and learn from the best. Do not take retrenchment sitting down. I promise you great advice at an unbelievable price. 

email us on Whatsapp on 0832607530. What are you waiting for call Andrew now!

We are contactable at our usual email addresses and telephone numbers so as to continue to assist you as far as we are able, within the lockdown restrictions.

Our staff have taken home active files in order to continue providing legal services over the coming weeks. We will further continue to be available for consultations by video conference/skype/zoom.


Make sure you know what your rights are.

Leave and Short-time

Note that no company can impose short-time unless they are covered by a collective agreement to that effect. What to do with now surplus staff - call me NOW!!

SA has declared a national case of disaster.

Is your boss telling you that he is cutting your salary or your hours due to the coronavirus? If so call us on 0832607530.

Our expert law team has won its last 10 cases in a row at the Labour Court. Contact us on 0114030015...0832607530 (Andrew) email - your correspondent attorneys at the Labour Court. Goldberg Attorneys (lawyers) is an easy to find law firm.

The Coronavirus and what must be done

Practical steps by employers?

  • Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment.
  • Be proactive
  • Follow health advice and information: 
  • Communicate with employees: 
  • Prevent the spread of infection: 
  • Identify vulnerable workers: 
  • Display and update emergency contact information.


Travel any employees who have travelled out of South Africa at this time?

The employer should ensure 14 -21 days self-quarantine requirements, issue clear travel guidelines to its employees on international travel, particularly to countries affected by Covid-19. The employer should distinguish between employees travelling for business or personal reasons.

Place an immediate moratorium on overseas travel until such time as Covid-19 is contained or at least to affected countries.

Such employees should be required to self-isolate (compulsory quarantine) for at least. Employees should be informed that they must take all reasonable steps to avoid exposure to the illness which may mean cancelling or postponing international travel until Covid-19 is contained.

Requesting all employees to disclose international travel (to all countries) undertaken by them (or any person who they live with) since 1 February 2020. This may assist the employer with its risk assessment to determine the likelihood of contamination in the workplace.

Sick Leave and Quarantine

If any employee is placed under quarantine by the employer, should the employee be required to take sick leave?

If a medical doctor places an employee in quarantine, the employee should receive a medical certificate and in such circumstances, the employee will be on sick leave.

In the case of compulsory quarantine sick leave applies as long as a medical certificate is forthcoming. If able to work from home, the employer will not be able to deduct the period of quarantine as sick leave or annual leave as it was made compulsory by the employer. This will be a form of special paid leave that is over and above any other type of leave.

In the case of voluntary quarantine sick leave does not apply but the employer should consider special concession and consider it as special paid leave.

The employer must carefully consider the circumstances under which special paid leave will be awarded to employees. These circumstances must be made clear to employees.

A reasonable period of quarantine is 14-21 days.

Employers and employees must apply the applicable sick leave policy.

An employee must obtain a medical certificate and any time out of the office will be considered as sick leave.

Only once cleared via a valid test and by a medical practitioner should the employee be allowed to return to work.

Who are we?

We are Labour Law Attorneys -  Johannesburg Braamfontein Gauteng - correspondent work at Labour Court and Constitutional Court. We do appearances/representation at the Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court, CCMA and bargaining councils. Reviews / Urgent applications, dismissals. Your employment specialists and attorneys at the Labour Court Braamfontein!   Employees and Employers / Companies are all welcome. Offices are in the same building as the Labour Court Braamfontein Johannesburg Gauteng = Arbour Square Building!!.

We are the best labour attorneys/labour lawyers. If anyone can win your case it is us! Do not settle for less than the best! Goldberg Attorneys have an impeccable record having won most of their cases!! Presently we have 10 costs orders we need to cash in on!!!

We can represent you at Arbitration for as little as R4000 /  full day! Ask us how!

A NEW DECADE DAWNS - Happy New Year!

Read Acting Judge Goldberg's Judgment at

AND his latest Judgment at

We are very busy handling the thousands of cases that are referred to us every month and as such should you not get through please pop us an email or call us on the alternative number 0113395102. We want your case!! 

Do you have an Arbitration Award in your favour - if so we can help you enforce it wherever you are - be it Mpumalanga, North West or KZN or even the Cape - we work out of the Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban Labour Courts.

Let Andrew Goldberg who has acted as a Judge of the Labour Court handle your matter!


Watch Mr. Goldberg on TV dealing with Labour Issues.

See link for the episode below:


We do CORRESPONDENT work at less 1/3 - call Andrew on 0113395102.

We do filing of cases at the Constitutional Court - Remember you need 25 copies!

Goldberg Attorneys have had over 60 cases reported on the internet !!


Watch Mr Goldberg on SABC Live speaking with Cameron Morajane of the CCMA and Paul Benjamin on the New Amendments to the LRA!  all the best for 2015 !!


 😄🐣🎍📱☎️ 😛

Goldberg Attorneys is a boutique law firm specialising in Labour Law and in particular in Labour Court matters - Labour Court referrals, drafting of pleadings including complex review applications, rescissions, exceptions, opinions, heads of argument, review applications, urgent applications; joinders / legal representation; Opposing review applications on a minimal fee basis; Contempt applications, Drafting Statements of Claim concerning collective retrenchments, strikes and discrimination. Judge’s directives on retrenchments, strikes and racism. drafting bill of costs and attending taxation, arbitrations, Labour Appeal Court - Appeals, submissions, heads of arguments and arguing before Court. We also do CCMA arbitrations and disciplinary hearings as well as human resources policies and industrial relations.

Let us do the work and you get the money pouring in!

Goldberg Attorneys is a labour law boutique firm conveniently situated in the same building that houses the LABOUR COURT, namely Arbor Square, headed up by 🎓 Mr. Andrew Goldberg (14 years' experience in Labour Law). 

I LOVE 😍 what I do - you'll find me in COURT.


We now host disciplinary hearings at our offices in Braamfontein with an appointed independent chairperson, interpreter, and recording system. Please book in advance with Keegan to secure a date and time.

Mr. Goldberg, the owner, has the most appearances and reported cases of any single Labour Attorney in the last four years. Mr. Goldberg is a well-spoken, trustworthy, confident individual and runs cases from start to finish including urgent interdicts and complex matters all by himself. Mr. Goldberg is also a well-known and respected attorney at the Labour Court with over 800 appearances at Labour Court and 10 at Labour Appeal Court.

We are here to service you!!🐯

Reported cases with the relevant internet site hyperlink where available:

New Reported case hot off the press - Maye Serobe v Lewusa obo Members J2377/12 Concerning the possibility of a review/setting aside a settlement agreement - alleged that the agent lacked the mandate to conclude the settlement agreement and/or that he was coerced/forced, the actions of the agent, powers of agent to bind the Principal/Company. Phone us on 0114030015  or  0832607530 (Andrew) for a copy of this groundbreaking judgment of Rafelatane AJ. 


Andrew Goldberg
What to do if the Employer refuses to comply with a CCMA award - CALL ME ASAP Wishing that we all find the perfect job this year 2020 The CCMA has made a financial or monetary arbitration award in favour of an employee. An arbitration award is final and binding – although it is not an Order of the Labour Court, it may be enforced (subject to certain procedures being complied with) as if it were an order of the Labour Court. (section 143 (1) LRA). CALL ME ASAP
Contact Person:
Andrew , Thabang, Lethu, Boteng, Smilo

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