Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Goldberg Attorneys (Labour Court, Braamfontein)

  1. Andrew Leon Goldberg
    Years of Practice: 20     Position: Director/Owner

    September 2021 Attorney / Lawyer: Andrew Goldberg Founder and CEO of Goldberg Attorneys Inc Johannesburg Braamfontein Gauteng - Labour Court action If you are reading this, you have a Labour issue that you want to resolve - please feel free to contact our hotline on 0832607530 and speak to Andrew... click for more information

  2. Lethu Mlotshwa
    Position: 2nd year Candidate Attorney

    September 2021 - Lethu Mlotswa is an upstanding individual who strives to do his best. Vast knowledge of cases and processes. He is meticulous. Well versed in Labour Court procedures, laws and practices. He can speak your language! CALL HIM NOW on 011-403-0015 Racists beware Can you, as a pers... click for more information

  3. Boteng Maluke
    Position: Candidate Attorney waiting admittance/ Paralegal

    September 2021 - Goldberg Attorneys Inc - Employment Law specialists Boteng Maluke is willing to take on any matter. She is a bright, astute upcoming attorney who is willing to learn. She takes on life's experience. She has an excellent temperament and is conscientious and forthright. Give her your... click for more information

  4. Asandiswa (Asa) Ntanjana
    Years of Practice: 0     Position: Candidate Attorney

    September 2021 - Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Employment, Labour Law Asandiswa Ntanjana is a candidate attorney at Goldberg Attorneys Inc. Asa, as she is better known, is a quick learner and has her eyes on the horizon, but her feet are still well planted on the ground. Call her now on 0114030015. ... click for more information