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825 Attorneys or Lawyers and 576 Law Firms that practice Commercial in South Africa

  1. Hugh Raichlin
    Years of Practice: 39    Position: Owner - Attorney & Mediator

    Hugh graduated with a BA LLB from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1985 and has been in practice for the past 39 years. Hugh has had extensive experience in private practice in the spheres of: Commercial law and commercial litigation in both the Magistrates Court and High Court; Property law, ... click for more information

  2. Christo Veldsman
    Years of Practice: 25    Position: Director

    Christo believe's in forging lasting relationships with his clients and creating an open channel of communication whilst making the legal services he offers affordable and accessible to all. After working in the UK for two years and practising law in SA for 12 years, he realised that each of his cl... click for more information

  3. Marisèl Crauwcamp
    Years of Practice: 15    Position: Professional Assistant

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  4. Michael Strauss
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Partner

    Michael is a skilled attorney, litigation specialist and negotiator with fifteen years of experience, who operates an extremely versatile practice, providing expert counsel in commercial, criminal, tax and regulatory matters. He litigates on a broad range of disputes on both a domestic and internat... click for more information

  5. Raymond Hauptfleisch
    Years of Practice: 14    Position: Director

    Raymond's background is as diverse as it is eclectic. He's practiced as a minister for well over a decade, which has allowed him to hone essential lawyer's skills; such as oration, confidentiality and mediation. He's taught at private and public schools and has experience in human resources manage... click for more information

  6. Shalene Schreuder
    Position: Owner

    Shalene Schreuder has many years of experience in the field of Deceased Estates, Wills, Estate Disputes, Trusts, Rehabilitations, Sequestrations, High Court Litigation pertaining to the said areas of law and business, being a remarkable business women. After many years as Assistant Master at the Mas... click for more information

  7. Eugenie Botha
    Years of Practice: 13    Position: Director

    Eugenie is a Senior Director at the firm and manages the Litigation and Correspondent Departments. With experience from various disciplines, Eugenie has a balance of knowledge and experience. No task is too easy or too difficult. Eugenie graduated from the University of South Africa in 2006, compl... click for more information

  8. Schalk Bezuidenhout
    Years of Practice: 9    Position: Director

    Schalk is a Senior Director at the firm and manages the Commercial, Consumer and Labour Law Departments. Schalk obtained his BCom Law degree (with distinction) from the University of Pretoria in 2010, and his LLB degree (also with distinction) from the same university in 2012. As a former member o... click for more information

  9. Wehan Goussard
    Years of Practice: 14    Position: Director

    Graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in March 2006 (B.Comm)(Law) and December 2007 (LLB). Completed his articles at Theron & Partners, Stellenbosch in January 2010 and was admitted as an attorney on 16 April 2010 in the Western Cape High Court. Practised as a Personal Assistent, and thereaf... click for more information

  10. Iaan Coetzee
    Years of Practice: 10    Position: Director

    Iaan heads up the commercial department (conveyancing, estates) while also handling civil litigation matters. click for more information

  11. Gerhard Otto
    Years of Practice: 14    Position: Director

    Gerhard graduated from the University of Stellenbosch during March 2008 with B.Comm Law and LLB degrees. He completed his articles with Lombard & Kriek Attorneys, Parow and was admitted as an attorney on 16 April 2010 in the Western Cape High Court. Practised as a Personal Assistant at Potgieter N... click for more information

  12. Jacques Johon Van Heerden
    Position: Partner in Litigation

    Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character. - Robert E. Lee. During 2003 Jacques obtained his LLB degree at the University of Pretoria. He joined De Beer Attorneys as a candidate attorney in 2003. In 2004 he was admitted and became a partner for a period of three years. Sin... click for more information

  13. Juan David van Heerden
    Position: Associate (Litigation)

    Justice delayed is justice denied. - William E. Gladstone. Juan obtained his LLB degree at the University of Pretoria in 2011. He commenced his articles at Van Heerden & Krugel Attorneys in 2012 and was admitted as an attorney in 2014. Juan was welcomed into the firm as a junior associate. Juan ... click for more information

  14. Willem B Van Heerden
    Years of Practice: 21    Position: Director

    Willem van Heerden is a Director at Van Wyk Inc. in the dispute resolution, litigation and mediation department. He specialises in contractual disputes, company law, shareholder issues, evictions, family law, banking law and insolvency law. He provides sound strategic advice and direction on all c... click for more information

  15. Bradley Sparg
    Years of Practice: 15    Position: Director

    Bradley graduated at NMMU in 2006 with B.COM LLB. He commenced his Articles at Russell Incorporated in 2007 and was admitted as an Attorney in 2009. He became a Director at Russell Incorporate in 2012. Bradley specializes in Commercial Litigation and the drafting of Commercial Contracts as well as ... click for more information

  16. Kingsley Kingon
    Years of Practice: 67    Position: Consultant

    Kingsley Kingon was born on the 16th October 1934 and matriculated from Selborne College, East London. He did his Articles of Clerkship with Norton Gale & Norton in East London and was admitted as an attorney in April, 1957. He was then employed as a Professional Assistant by the firm and became a p... click for more information

  17. Gary Stirk
    Years of Practice: 31    Position: Partner

    Gary was schooled at Graeme College in Grahamstown, matriculating in 1986, whereafter he did a post-matric at Kingswood College and then a BA LLB at Rhodes University where he graduated in 1991. After travelling overseas in 1992 he commenced articles in East London in 1993 at Marshall & Kaplan befor... click for more information

  18. Matthew Yazbek
    Years of Practice: 26    Position: Partner

    Matthew attended Selborne Primary and Selborne College matriculating in 1988. He remains a dedicated Old Selbornian. As a keen sportsman, he represented his province at hockey and attained first team colours. Thereafter he studied at Rhodes University and the University of South Africa where the B.P... click for more information

  19. Nadia Reyneke
    Years of Practice: 10    Position: Director

    Good Day My name is Nadia Reyneke - your legal ally in the pursuit of justice! In April 2015, I founded NVZA Incorporated Attorneys, igniting a crusade for transparent and accessible legal services. My mantra? Honest representation, dedication to my clients, hard work and making a difference in th... click for more information

  20. Rikus Stander
    Years of Practice: 12    Position: Director

    Although Mr Stander predominantly spesialises in Criminal Law, he has a vast amount of experience in other fields of the law such as Family-, Labour- and Commercial Law. Mr Stander realised that there's a demand for specialised Criminal Defence Attorneys in the Gauteng area and seized this opportun... click for more information

  21. Eric Palmer
    Years of Practice: 10    Position: Director & Founder

    Eric Palmer Attorney's competitive edge lies in our affordable rates, excellent services, and in the good natured way in which Eric Palmer engages with each of our clients. The firm was founded in March 2015 to provide superior quality legal services at a fraction of the cost of the larger Rustenbu... click for more information

  22. Richard Sohn
    Years of Practice: 56    Position: Sole Proprietor

    Richard Sohn started practising law in the sixties in Cape Town and subsequently in Johannesburg for twenty years specializing in commercial and insolvency matters. He has two post-graduate diplomas – Higher Diploma in Tax Law – December 1978 and Higher Diploma in Company Law –... click for more information

  23. Emile Schmidt
    Position: Associate

    Emile Schmidt holds the degrees BA LLB (University of Stellenbosch). He worked as a public prosecutor from December 1988 until April 1990 and served his articles at Loots, Steenkamp Attorneys in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal where after he was admitted to practice in June 1992. He remained with ... click for more information

  24. Greg Lewis
    Position: Associate

    Greg attended Varsity College and completed his LLB at the University of South Africa in 2009. He completed the LEAD Practical Legal Training Course at the University of Cape Town during 2011 and was employed as a consultant at a small law practice during 2015, where he dealt largely with collection... click for more information

  25. Marina Horak
    Years of Practice: 36    Position: Director

    Marina is an admitted Attorney, Notary, Conveyancer and Licensed Business Rescue Practitioner. Marina Horak holds 33 years of uninterrupted legal experience. Marina was 'n prosecutor, regional court prosecutor, criminal magistrate and civil magistrate for many years before she became an attorney. ... click for more information

  26. Tony Clulow
    Years of Practice: 28    Position: Director

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  27. Aggie Rudy
    Years of Practice: 26    Position: Director

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  28. Azwinndini Khampha
    Years of Practice: 26    Position: Director

    He is the founder of the law firm and manages it on a day to day basis. He was admitted to practice as an Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer in 1998. In 2000, he joined the corporate finance department of Simmons & Simmons, a London based law firm in the United Kingdom. While there, he also sp... click for more information

  29. Rachel Ramaano
    Position: Associate

    She is an admitted Attorney and has a right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa. She obtained B.Iuris and LLB degrees from the University of Pretoria where she was awarded the Professor EM Hamman Floating Trophy for the best student in Transnational Business law. This covered commercial... click for more information

  30. Rashaad Pandor
    Years of Practice: 15    Position: Director

    Pandor Attorneys was established in 2015 by Rashaad Pandor. Having begun his law career in 2009, Rashaad worked for a thriving Johannesburg law firm where his passion for law grew as he gained experience in a wide range of commercial and labour law related specialist fields. With an avid interest in... click for more information

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