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808 Attorneys or Lawyers and 581 Law Firms that practice Commercial in South Africa

  1. Schalk Pieterse
    Years of Practice: 15    Position: Director

    Schalk is the founder and co-owner of Pieterse Sellner Erasmus TRM Tax Attorneys. As Managing Director, he guides a team of tax attorneys and professionals, and is especially equipped to deal with administrative law and constitutional issues over and above the normal Tax law provisions and statutes... click for more information

  2. Nozipho Sybil Mvulane
    Years of Practice: 9    Position: Partner

    In 2011, Nozipho obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies, IsiXhosa Second Language and law from Rhodes University. She then went on to further her studies and completed her Bachelor of Laws degree from Rhodes University in 2013. Nozipho is an admitted attorney who is skilled in Sout... click for more information

  3. Arisha Rajaram
    Years of Practice: 10    Position: Partner

    Arisha obtained her LLB from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2013. During her studies, she was awarded the Penny Andrews Award for research and client satisfaction. She has been exposed to and experienced in both the legal sector (Junaid Khamissa Attorneys and Scorpion Legal Protection) and in t... click for more information

  4. Derick Van Wyk
    Years of Practice: 34    Position: Director

    Derick is the founding member of D Van Wyk & Associates Inc. Derick has 30 years of experience and is well known in the legal fraternity. click for more information

  5. Theunis Liebenberg
    Years of Practice: 30    Position: Director

    Theunis Liebenberg was admitted as an attorney in 1993 and is the founder of TLi and director ofMashabane Liebenberg Sebola Inc., TLi Financial Rescue and Protect (Pty) Ltd, Legal InformationServices (Pty) Ltd and Exclusive Trust Services (Pty) Ltd. Theunis started his legal career as a Commercial ... click for more information

  6. Duncan Van den Heever
    Position: Associate

    Duncan is a practising Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. His areas of specialization includes: Divorces, Evictions, Administration of Deceased estates, Debt Collecting and Commercial law. Duncan was admitted as an Advocate of the High Court in 2012 and converted to an Attorney on the 6t... click for more information

  7. Sonja Van den Heever
    Position: Managing Director

    Sonja van den Heever is the Managing Director of Van den Heever Attorneys ( t/a VDH Attorneys). Her law journey started when she enrolled for a LLB degree at the University of the Western Cape in 2006. She completed the degree in 2010. Thereafter she completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Prepar... click for more information

  8. Kinney Oosthuizen
    Years of Practice: 34    Position: Director

    Kinney has specialised in Property Development, Planning Law and Commercial Law throughout her career. click for more information

  9. Charl Marais
    Years of Practice: 23    Position: Director

    Charl has a special interest in property and contract law. He has taken the lead in the transfer of several landmark properties in the city as well as multi-tiered property transactions involving underlying sale of leases and businesses. Having served on the Governing Body of a public school for 11 ... click for more information

  10. Anthony Kaufmann
    Years of Practice: 7    Position: Partner

    click for more information

  11. Jeremy Capon
    Years of Practice: 10    Position: Partner

    After completing my LLB degree at UKZN Pietermaritzburg cum laude I served articles at Bowmans (previously Bowman Gilfillan) in Johannesburg. Shortly after completing articles I received an opportunity to return to Pietermaritzburg to take up a position at a boutique firm specializing in large scale... click for more information

  12. Roderick Brent
    Years of Practice: 11    Position: Partner

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  13. Mariska Van Zyl
    Years of Practice: 3    Position: Professional Assistant

    MARISKA NIEMAND VAN ZYL was born on the 16th day of March 1995. She matriculated in 2013 at Afrikaans High School Sasolburg, where she was the Head Girl, and Editor of the school newspaper. She studied at the North West University as well as University of South Africa where she obtained her BCom ... click for more information

  14. Thys Swanepoel
    Years of Practice: 9    Position: Director

    Thys Swanepoel (Jnr) was born on the 9th of September 1988. He matriculated in 2008 at Afrikaans High School in Sasolburg, where he served on the student council. He studied and obtained a LLB degree in 2011, at NWU. He joined AV Theron & Swanepoel as a candidate attorneys and on the 5th of June 20... click for more information

  15. Kaamilah Thomas
    Years of Practice: 9    Position: Director

    Kaamilah graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a BCOM (Law) and LLB degrees. On 11 March 2014, she was admitted as an attorney. Kaamilah obtained a certificate in Customs and Excise Taxes from the University of Pretoria. Kaamilah is in the process of qualifying as a conveyancer. Kaamila... click for more information

  16. Jan Olivier
    Position: Director

    Jan Olivier is an Attorney and Notary Public of the High Court of South Africa with right of appearance in the High Court. He holds an LLB degree from Unisa. He practices in a variety of fields but directs a large amount of his attention towards Property, Contractual as well as Corporate and Commerc... click for more information

  17. Tsepo Nwedamutsu
    Years of Practice: 6    Position: Senior Associate

    Tsepo was conferred an LLB degree cum laude and LLM degree in Comparative Labour Law with distinction on his thesis by the University of the Western Cape in 2015 and 2020, respectively. He was awarded first position in his LLB programme and was part of the Dean's Top Achievers Programme, Dean's Mer... click for more information

  18. Waseem Gani
    Years of Practice: 7    Position: Senior Associate

    Waseem is a Senior Associate in the firm's corporate and commercial litigation department. He holds a LLB from the University of Pretoria and received recognition for Excellent Research Dissertation during his tenure at the University. He joined MacRobert Incorporated in 2014 and was admitted as a... click for more information

  19. Kem Tumba Diong
    Years of Practice: 7    Position: Director

    Kem obtained her Bcom (Law) and LLB degrees from the University of Pretoria in 2013 and 2014 respectively. She was admitted as an attorney in 2016 and has gained experienced in Employment Law, Corporate Law, Tax (Customs) and Personal Injury Law. In 2020, Kem obtained a Certificate in Advanced Labou... click for more information

  20. Jeanine Uys
    Years of Practice: 8    Position: Senior Associate

    Jeanine obtained the degrees BA with specialisation in Law as well as LLB from the University of Stellenbosch. She served as candidate attorney at MacRobert Inc and gained valuable experience invarious fields of the law. She was admitted as attorney in 2015 and has been appointed as an associate in ... click for more information

  21. Gerhardt Van Der Merwe
    Years of Practice: 27    Position: Director

    Gerhardt was conferred his BA and LLB degrees as well as a postgraduate certificate in Labour Law by the University of Cape Town. He was admitted as an attorney in 1996 and developed a special interest in litigation, doing work in the fields of criminal, civil, commercial, insurance, administrative,... click for more information

  22. Dean Gary Coetzee
    Position: Director

    Interests and Specific Experience: Corporate law, commercial law, general litigation, eviction and rental disputes. click for more information

  23. Brené Martinuzzi
    Position: Director

    Interests and Specific Experience: Corporate law, commercial law, labour law, family law and general litigation. click for more information

  24. Kailash Raman Patel
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Director

    click for more information

  25. Martin-Dean Hayward
    Years of Practice: 27    Position: Director

    Mr Martin Hayward is a Director at Le Roux & Du Plessis Attorneys and heads up its Family Law Department. As Head of Family Law Department, Martin regularly deals with complex divorce cases involving maintenance, domestic violence, custody, interpretation of complex remuneration schemes, finding hi... click for more information

  26. Deofrann Du Plessis
    Years of Practice: 23    Position: Director

    Deofrann is a graduate from the University of the Free State and was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 2000. In January 2001 Deofrann joined Herbert Smith Solicitors in London, United Kingdom as a foreign attorney in their Civil Litigation Department. Deofrann left Herber... click for more information

  27. De Louw Le Roux
    Years of Practice: 25    Position: Director

    De louw graduated from the University of the Free State in 1996 and is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer, Notary (with the right of appearance in the High Courts of South Africa). He is also an external lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, lecturing Mercantile Law (Contract Law and Corporate... click for more information

  28. Thembelihle Malembe
    Years of Practice: 4    Position: Candidate Attorney

    Ms Malembe is a candidate attorney currently studying LLM in business law at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal (Howard College) Her area of expertise is litigation and partly responsible for business development in the Belfast and Lydenburg. She further specializes on corporate law and labour law. click for more information

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