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728 Attorneys or Lawyers and 499 Law Firms that practice Commercial in South Africa

  1. Denis Peter (Denis) Molyneaux
    Years of Practice: 38    Position: Partner

    Admitted in 1980; former State Attorney; joined the firm in 1981; presently doing arbitrations and litigation, especially concerning motor vehicle accidents and insurance; Free State examiner for the attorneys' admission examination. click for more information

  2. Morne Maree
    Years of Practice: 18    Position: Partner

    admitted in 2000; joined the firm in 2008; and became a partner in 2009. Presently involved in the Maseru practice with patents & trademarks, company registrations and commercial work; click for more information

  3. John Price
    Years of Practice: 54    Position: Partner

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  4. Erica Madeleyn
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Director

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  5. Ernest Van Staden
    Years of Practice: 9    Position: Director

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  6. Henry Madeleyn
    Years of Practice: 23    Position: Director

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  7. Stephanus Johannes Diedericks
    Years of Practice: 17    Position: Partner

    Legal Advisor to major institutions before he joined Erasmus & Moolman (Mossel Bay) in 1996. He founded Diedericks Attorneys in 1999 and incorporated Erasmus & Moolman with Diedericks Attorneys in 2004.Admitted attorney and conveyancer. Interests: Fanie is a keen golfer and hunter. click for more information

  8. Igna Klynsmith
    Years of Practice: 33    Position: Partner

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  9. Volker Kruger
    Years of Practice: 14    Position: Partner

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  10. Rokshana Rahman
    Years of Practice: 12    Position: Partner

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  11. Francois Van Wyk
    Years of Practice: 28    Position: Partner

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  12. Bernie Gous
    Years of Practice: 28    Position: Consultant

    After being employed as a Legal Advisor to a major Oil Company for some 9 years, Mr Gous was admitted as an attorney and has been practising in Roodepoort for the past 24 years. Mr. Gous has built up considerable expertise in all major branches of the Law, in particular Litigation, Commercial and ... click for more information

  13. Louise Tonkin
    Years of Practice: 11    Position: Partner

    Me Tonkin is an admitted attorney, notary and conveyancer, who joined the firm as a Professional Assistant in 1996 and was admitted as an Attorney in 1995. She became a partner during June 2000 and currently heads the conveyancing department with Danie Potgieter. She specialises in Property La... click for more information

  14. TAR Mohamed Omar
    Years of Practice: 10   

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  15. Corrie de Jager
    Years of Practice: 37    Position: Director

    Corrie was admitted as an attorney, notary and conveyancer in 1975. He specializes in commercial, corporate and property law, as well as estate planning and trusts. He has extensive experience in township development and all branches of conveyancing. click for more information

  16. Eddie Smit
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Director

    Eddie completed his BCOM law degree in 1992 at the university of Pretoria and in 1994 completed his LLB degree also at the university of Pretoria. During 2001 he completed his MBL at the University of South Africa. Eddie is primarily involved with commercial law that include among others: Regist... click for more information

  17. Gert-Juul Vonkeman
    Years of Practice: 11   

    Gert-Juul Vonkeman finalised the post graduate degree LLB in 1993 and completed his Contract of Articles in the same year. Compulsary Military service was endured as a military legal adviser, whereafter he commenced practise in 1995 in Vryheid. After a stint as professional assistant and in partners... click for more information

  18. Mark Stein
    Years of Practice: 5   

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  19. Robbie Nilsen
    Years of Practice: 14   

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  20. Willie Nortje
    Years of Practice: 39    Position: Director

    Specialising in Conveyancing, Corporate and Commercial work. click for more information

  21. Barry Wagner
    Years of Practice: 30    Position: Director

    Specialising in Conveyancing, Commercial work and Valuations. click for more information

  22. Marthie Prinsloo
    Years of Practice: 9    Position: Director

    Specialising in Conveyancing and Commercial work click for more information

  23. Marisèl Crauwcamp
    Years of Practice: 10    Position: Professional Assistant

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  24. Catherine Coetzee
    Years of Practice: 20   

    Founder of Catherine Gray Attorneys (then a sole proprietor) obtained her B. Proc degree in 1997 at the Rand Afrikaans Universiteit, qualified as an attorney in 1999 and later as Conveyancer, Arbitrator and Divorce Mediator, with 14 years post-article experience as a legal pratitioner. Catherine ha... click for more information

  25. Anyuschka Nett
    Years of Practice: 7    Position: Associate

    Anyushka has endeared herself to the professional approach of the firm and specialises in a number of filelds such as commercial litigation, insurance, construction and crime. click for more information

  26. Jan Luitingh
    Years of Practice: 29    Position: Director

    Jan Luitingh, the founder of the firm and Senior Partner was a former legal advisor to SABC and also a partner in Hofmeyer presently one of the largest firms in the country. Jan's ability to interact with client at grassroots level and his desire to have a more personal and intimate knowledge of his... click for more information

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