Frequently Asked Questions

When would the first payment be?

Your first payment would be due at the beginning of the month following the one you signed up on. The payment is in advance. So if you signed up on the 16 March your first payment would be due on the 1st April.


How do I pay you?

Payment is made by debit order.


How much does it cost to register on

Click here to see our pricing structures PRICING


Do updates cost anything?

Law Firms can change all text, upload a new logo, create job ads, upload pictures, add a new attorney, change an attorneys details at any time and at no cost. Just Logon and update as you wish!


Do I have to do the updates?

Using your Username and password to log onto your page and doing the changes yourself is the easiest and quickest way to update your details. You can also e-mail or fax changes through to us and we can do them for you. Please use a company letterhead when faxing changes through and include a contact person in all communication.


How do I get the information to you?

You can e-mail as at or fax us at 0866 163 641


I want to put my company logo and a photograph on my site

Its easy to include pictures and logos on your Firms and attorneys details. They can either be uploaded directly by you after logging in or you can just send them through to us on e-mail with all the necessary particulars and we will iinsert them onto your page. We are also able to come out and take pictures for you if you do not have or scan ones for you that you may have had developed.


Can someone come round and explain it to me?

You can contact us on 0861 114 619 or e-mail us at


Can I put a company banner ad on your site? does not display banner ads nor does it help promote one law firm ahead of another. 


Won't the same attorneys always be listed first every time a search is done with the same criteria?

To make returns on searches fair we change the "search listing criteria" periodically. We use several formulas so it won't just be a matter of one week the A's are listed first and the next week the Z's are. We have tried to make it as fair as possible so that everyone gets a chance to be listed in the top few returns.


What if a new attorney starts at the firm?

Contact us with his particulars and he can be added via your company page using your username/ password logon either by you or by one the team