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4 Attorneys or Lawyers and 4 Law Firms that practice MVA / Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in Worcester

  1. Schur Marais Du Plessis Attorneys
    Years of Practice: 41

    We work as a team and strive at delivering the best legal service to our clients. Our specialized fields include: Tranfer of Properties Registration of Bonds Drafting of Wills and Administration of Estates Evictions Drafting of Contracts Third party Claims Divorces Litigation Criminal Lit... click for more information

  2. Muller Terblanche & Beyers Inc (Worcester)
    Years of Practice: 133

    Worcester Law Firm with expertise in deeds, property, divorces, commercial transactions, debt collection, estates, civil litigation. Experience litigators in Magistrate Court, District Court, High Court and Highest Court of Appeal. Property experts with wide client base in agricultural sector, as ... click for more information

  3. De Vries De Wet & Krouwkam (Worcester)
    Years of Practice: 29

    Danny De Vries started practising law in Worcester in 1983. Over the years the firm grew and in 1999 this firm was formed when two existing Worcester lawfirms amalgamated. We are community orientated and are represented in various service- and sport clubs. We pride ourselves on the highest standard ... click for more information

  4. Conradie Inc. (Worcester)
    Years of Practice: 52

    Our firm was founded 45 years ago by Poffie Conradie. We have been part of Worcester's Community ever since, participating in service clubs, sport clubs as well as local government. We are proud to offer a wide spectrum of law services and invite you to contact us. click for more information

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  6. Hendrik F Verwoed
    Years of Practice: 14    Position: Director

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  7. Marlise du Toit
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Professional Assistant

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  8. Butch Robertson
    Years of Practice: 40    Position: Director

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  9. Anton Strydom
    Years of Practice: 29    Position: Director

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