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1 Attorney or Lawyer and 3 Law Firms that practice Town Planning in Somerset West

  1. DKA - De Kock & Associates Inc (Somerset West)
    Years of Practice: 26

    We do not only practice law, we understand it! Our motto says it all: ... Committed to Excellence through Service and Knowledge... Ons leuse spreek van self: ...Verbind to Uitnemenheid deur DIens en Kennis... Talk to us about your debt collections - we offer a call centre facility for an initial "... click for more information

  2. Du Plessis & Hofmeyr Inc (Somerset West)
    Years of Practice: 32

    Du Plessis & Hofmeyr Inc was established in 1992 and could best be described as a 'traditional' law firm - offering a wide spectrum of legal services. Since inception we have outgrown our original premises, but our mission remains the same: personalized service to every client - individual or corpo... click for more information

  3. Raymond McCreath Inc (Somerset West)
    Years of Practice: 24

    The firm came into existence on the 13th of September 1999 and currently consists out of 2 (two) directors, namely Messrs Franklyn Heinrich Lincoln Raymond and Robert William McCreath. The firm currently has 2 (two) directors, namely Messrs Franklyn Heinrich Lincoln Raymond and Robert William McCre... click for more information

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  5. Jakkie De Kock
    Years of Practice: 27    Position: Director

    Jakkie has been in Somerset West since 1972 and thus have a thorough knowledge of the Helderberg area with a wide network of contacts, friends, clients, business contacts, colleagues, etc. He has been in business and property since the early 1980's and through these interests has a sound and accute... click for more information