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  1. DBM Attorneys, Notary, Conveyancers, Deceased Estates, Estate Planning (Newcastle)
    Years of Practice: 50

    As a leading firm of attorneys in KwaZulu-Natal we will strive in the best interests of each client to: Give expert advice in specialised fields; Constantly improve the professional services we offer; Act professionally, objectively, honestly and independently at all times; Offer an efficient... click for more information

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  3. Alisia Peens
    Position: Consultant, Conveyancing and Property Law

    Alisia grew up in Johannesburg and followed the footsteps of her father, who was a senior director of Spoor & Fischer. She holds a B.Proc degree from the University of Johannesburg (RAU) and has 39 year's experience in legal practice and has 36 year's experience as a conveyancer. Alisia followed h... click for more information

  4. Lezea Grobler
    Position: Director, Conveyancer

    She manages the firm's property law and conveyancing department. Lezea grew up in Newcastle and matriculated at the Ferrum High School in Newcastle. She obtained her B.Proc degree at the North-West University. Lezea has always specialised in conveyancing and property related matters. She has extens... click for more information

  5. Anandroy Ramdaw
    Years of Practice: 41    Position: Director

    Attorney 37 Years Conveyancer 32 Years Solicitor England and Wales 19 Years Barrister/Solicitor Australia 15 Years International Arbitrator Acting Judge Labour Court Past Ccma Commissioner who handled over 2500 Employment Law disputes click for more information