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Harry Pretorius Litigation Attorney (Centurion)

Phone Number:
0866 930 242
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Areas Of Practice:
Access to Children, Adoption, Agriculture, Antenuptial Contracts, Anti-counterfeiting, Anti-discrimination, Arbitration, Association Agreements, Aviation, Bail, Bail (24hrs / After Hours), Banking, Bankruptcy Law, Bills of Legal Costs, Biotechnology, Blacklistings, Broadcasting, Business Law, Cellular Law, Childrens Rights, Civil, Civil Unions, Commercial, Commercial Drafting, Communications and Media, Company Law, Competition Law, Conservation and Wildlife, Constitutional, Constitutional Class Actions, Construction, Consumer Law, Contracts, Copyright, Corporate, Credit Law, Criminal, Curatorship / Curator Bonis, Custody, Defamation, Designs and Copyrights, Disability, Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Domestic Partnerships, Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving, Education Law, Employee Benefits, Employee Share Incentive Schemes, Employment Equity, Employment Law, Energy Law, Engineering, Entertainment Law, Environmental Law, Evictions, Exchange Control, Expropriation Law, Extradition Law, Family Law, Finance (Corporate), Finance (Project), Finance (Structured), Financial Services Law, Fire Claims , Fishing Industry, Foreclosures, Forensic Investigations, Forestry, Fostering, Franchising, Fraud, Fraud Recovery, Freight and Carriage, Gay Rights / Same Sex Rights, General Practice, Government Tenders, Health Care, Heritage Law, High Court Practice, Human Rights, Industrial Law, Industrial Relations, Information Technology, Insolvency, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, International Child Abduction, International Transactions , Internet Law / E-Commerce, Investment Funds, IP Valuations, Joint Ventures and Acquisitions , Labour Law, Land Claims, Land Rights, Leases, Licensing, Liquor Law, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Commercial), Litigation (Constitutional), Litigation (Corporate), Litigation (Criminal), Litigation (General), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Insurance), Litigation (Land Claims Court), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Litigation (Tax), Local Government Law, Maintenance, Maritime Law, Matrimonial, Media , Mediation, Medical Aids / Managed Health Care, Medical Negligence, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mine Health and Safety, Mineral Law/Rights, Mining, Municipal Law, MVA / Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Occupational Health and Safety, Outsourcing, Partnership Agreements, Pensions and Retirement Funds, Permanent and Temporary Residence Permits, Personal Injury, Pharmaceutical, Planning Law, Plant Breeder’s Rights, Pollution and Waste, Privatisations, Professional Ethics, Professional negligence, Property Law, Provident Fund disputes, Provincial Government, Publishing, Rehabilitation Orders, Rehabilitations, Reproductive Law, Retirement Fund Law, Road Accident Fund claim / 3rd Party claim, Sale of Business, Security, Sequestrations, Sexual Harassment, Shareholders Agreements, Shipping, Smoking Law, Social Media, Sports, State Negligence, Surrogacy Law, Technical translations, Telecommunications, Trade and Industry, Transactions in Work of Art, Transport Law, Trusts, Veterinary Law, Waste Law, Water Law, White Collar Crime, Wills, Wrongful Death
Years of Practice:
10 Probert Road, Eldoraigne, Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng
Gauteng / Pretoria
Postal Address:
10 Probert Road, Centurion, 0157
How to find us:
Phone Harry Pretorius 074 102 1365

First Consultation Free! 40 years Experience and you deal directly with myself at all times. As a client of mine your contact with me is always immediate and hassle free as I receive all telephone calls directly on my mobile phone.

Harry Pretorius specialises in litigation and only litigation, with a special interest in Criminal Litigation. 

Harry Pretorius has gained a reputation for being a forceful and probing cross-examiner in court and because of his reputation as senior litigation attorney/advocate he has often been requested to handle litigation and court appearances in both High Court and Magistrates Court by other firms of attorneys.

Don't call Harry Pretorius for general legal chamber work, such as collections, deceased estates or conveyancing.

Do call Harry Pretorius if you need litigation to resolve claims, disputes, problems or criminal charges that might arise from all areas of law such as for example Contracts, Commercial Law Partnerships, Divorces, Copyright and Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law and Negligence Claims etc because he is first and foremost a litigator.

Do call Harry Pretorius if you want a senior litigator, brave enough and competent enough to himself act as advocate in all courts to stand up against other teams of senior advocates without the added expense of you paying for an advocate as well.

Do call Harry Pretorius if you want a litigator that is passionate about helping those in trouble and will stand at your side like your best friend and look after you from your first contact with him until he finds a way to resolve the injustice that you face.

Do call Harry Pretorius if you are tired of litigators that are gun shy.

Harry Pretorius has successfully stood head and shoulders above senior advocates in all the high courts and will travel to appear for you personally in any court right across southern Africa.

Harry Pretorius has practiced continuously as an attorney and senior partner in partnership and in his own practice from 1977 in both Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria, and now practises as such as Harry Pretorius Attorney in Centurion.

Harry Pretorius can be instructed as attorney and to appear simultaneously as advocate in the High Courts of South Africa. His special field of interest is High Court litigation, however any matter of concern to you is of concern to him.

Arrangements can be made with him for a free first consultation to obtain an opinion on your prospects of success and the way forward for your needs, because if it is not your fault, it shouldn't be at your cost.

Harry Pretorius himself is solely at your service and is your sole contact for all your matters and concerns.

Only Harry Pretorius and no one else deals with you and all aspects of your matters.

This direct accessibility to Harry Pretorius ensures a close relationship and personal attention resulting in a consistent unconflicting approach to your matters.

This ensures that you and harry pretorius speak with one voice and fullfills his motto that is : "to accurately convey his client's standpoint is paramount." 

Contact Person:
Harry Pretorius : phone 074 102 1365

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