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Viv Greene Attorneys (Pietermaritzburg)

Phone Number:
086 758 8373
120 Pietermaritzburg
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Areas Of Practice:
Antenuptial Contracts, Contracts, Conveyancing, Deceased Estates, Estates, Insolvency, Liquidation, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Criminal), Litigation (General), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Insurance), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Mediation, Sequestrations, Trusts
Years of Practice:
132 Roberts Road, Clarendon, Pietermaritzburg
Kwazulu Natal / Durban
Postal Address:
P O Box 407, Hilton, 3201
How to find us: Viv Greene Attorneys 132 Roberts Rd, Clarendon, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

Viv Green Attorneys in PMB will act as your Correspondent for litigation in the PIETERMARITZBURG High Court, Regional and Magistrate Courts, effectively dealing with each of your instructions, actively pursueing your matters from the time we receive them to finalisation.

We work with law firms across South Africa, specialising in civil litigation. We have developed in-house systems that allow us to work quickly with success.

As specialists in civil litigation, we have developed in-house systems that allow us to work fast and win.

Our in depth knowledge of the Pietermaritzburg courts and close relationships with all the Courts staff, help us expedite all correspondent instructions, whether from Durban, Gauteng or Cape Town.

Viv Greene Attorneys are the "numero uno" Correspondent Law Firm in Pietermaritzburg, Howick and Hilton.

We offer

  • Conveyancing
  • Civil Litigation
  • Ante-Nuptial Contracts

We aim to give a cost effective personalised service. Contact us on 033 3422766.

Pietermaritzburg Correspondent: within 1 minute of the Magistrates, Regional and High Court
We act for instructing attorneys located throughout South Africa and attend to matters in all the Pietermaritzburg Courts (High Court, Regional and Magistrates Courts), as well as queries relating to estates and trusts, dealt with by the Masters Office and transfers and bond registrations dealt with by the Pietermaritzburg Deeds Registry.

Viv Greene Viv is the Sole Proprietor of the law firm and has been practising law since she was admitted as an Attorney and Notary Public in the year 2004. In 2011 she opened her own law firm, Viv Greene Attorneys focusing on civil litigation and in particular correspondent work for legal practices around South Africa. As a Notary Public, she attends to the execution and registration of Ante-Nuptial contracts. Viv has Rights of Appearance in the High Court and regularly appears in the Pietermaritzburg High Court as well as the Regional and District courts in PMB.
Contact Person:
Viv Greene

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