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Are your concerned about a dragged out, expensive  and destructive divorce? Do you have issues with the care and contact of your child? We can help!

Schuld Incorporated has been providing cutting edge legal service in family and commercial law matters for more than 20 years. We have substantial experience and expertise in litigation, mediation and are pioneering collaborative law. A collaborative divorce can cut divorce costs by up to 80%.We treat all our clients with care and integrity and pride ourselves on our delivery of high quality work that includes practical, effective strategies and teamwork.

It is our experience that most matters are eventually settled – often, just before trial. Unfortunately, settlement at a later stage means that substantial amounts have already been spent on legal costs. We adopt a no-nonsense approach and get the job done speedily, cost effectively and successfully. Most of our matters are completed within a year, compared to the two or three years that it often takes for similar matters to reach resolution elsewhere.

In family law matters we make every effort to preserve relationships rather than fuel animosity, even when we have to litigate. We know that a quick transformation from spouses to co-parents is in the child's best interests, as children cope better with divorce when acrimony is kept to a minimum. Therefore, we do our utmost to reduce conflict, while ensuring that clients' and children's interests are protected. Schuld Inc is proud to have initiated and completed the first collaborative divorce in South Africa.

Matters we have handled include, but are not limited to, change of guardianship, primary care and contact orders, issues relating to relocations (including prevention and facilitating relocations). Our scope of work ranges from high end and complicated to pro bono divorces for local and international clients from the USA, Europe, UK, and Australia. We have arranged contact for grandparents and extended families; drafted same sex cohabitation agreements, marriages and divorces; and we have successfully assisted parents and children to reestablish contact after years during which children were alienated from one parent by the other.

Our experience extends to commercial litigation: specifically, insolvency law, restraints of trade agreements (both enforcing and defending these), enforcement of contractual obligations, and drafting of contracts for local and international clients on commercial and labour issues.

We are affiliated to the Divorce Centre who support clients in more than just the legal way.

Schuld Inc commits to providing efficient, transparent, honest, legal service and representation. 


Manndi Schuld

Manndi was admitted as attorney in 1995 and started her own firm shortly after, initially focusing on criminal law. Defending white collar crime matters gave her useful insight into how the 'not-so-ethical' mind works, which proved helpful in the rest of her career.

She continued to do commercial litigation against banks and corporate companies and also gained extensive experience in trust law; particularly the role of trusts in asset protection and estate planning. She brought all this valuable, diverse experience to her family law practice when she started specialising in 2006.

Manndi uses her international coaching training and skills to enhance her interaction with clients and colleagues, and to deepen her understanding of their situations. She is one of only two South African attorneys who trained in the US to practise the Collaborative Law model. She also initiated the first collaborative divorce case in South Africa in 2013. Subsequently, an increasing number of cases have evolved into collaborative divorces, including cases that began with litigation.

Thanks to Manndi's expertise, in recent years, 66% of the law firm's cases have been settled and completed in under six months. The settled matters include highly technical, complicated issues involving family trusts and marriages in terms of international law, governed by international treaties; change of primary care; vesting of parental rights for fathers of children born out of wedlock; and the return of abducted children.

Every client receives Manndi's individual attention and no work leaves the office without prior discussion. Manndi's policy is to be transparent and honest and she is committed to being completely truthful with clients. Whether she has to deliver good news or bad, she is aware of their needs and handles each case with integrity and sensitivity.



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