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Donnelly-Bornman Law Inc (Bloemfontein)

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Association Agreements, Bankruptcy Law, Blacklistings, Business Law, Business Rescue, Cannabis Law, Civil, Civil Unions, Commercial, Commercial Drafting, Company Law, Company Registrations, Constitutional, Construction, Consumer Law, Contracts, Conveyancing, Corporate, Credit Law, Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions, Cryptocurrency Law, Curatorship / Curator Bonis, Deceased Estates, Divorce, Domestic Partnerships, Estates, Evictions, Expropriation Law, Finance (Project), General Practice, High Court Practice, Information Technology, Insolvency, International Transactions , Joint Ventures and Acquisitions , Land Rights, Leases, Legislative Drafting, Liquidation, Liquor Law, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Commercial), Litigation (Constitutional), Litigation (Corporate), Litigation (General), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Insurance), Litigation (Land Claims Court), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Local Government Law, Matrimonial, Mediation, Medical Negligence, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mineral Law/Rights, Municipal Law, MVA / Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Notary / Notaries Public, Partnership Agreements, Personal Injury, Pharmaceutical, Professional Ethics, Property Law, Rehabilitation Orders, Rehabilitations, Road Accident Fund claim / 3rd Party claim, Sale of Business, Sectional Title, Sequestrations, Servitudes, Shareholders Agreements, Smoking Law, Social Media, Trusts, Wills
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Wild Olive Estate, Pentagonpark, Bloemfontein
Free State
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9301, 9301
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On facebook at DONNELLY-BORNMAN LAW Instagram at donnelly_bornman Linked in

Contract Law Correspondent Divorce Attorneys in Bloemfontein.

At Donnelly-Bornman Law Inc, we are not just attorneys; we are architects of legal excellence, shaping the future of legal services in South Africa with innovation, precision, and always improving our service. We pride ourself in not competing for prices, but competing for excelent service delivery. 

  • Our niche correspondent service offers a gateway to the legal capital of South Africa, ensuring your legal matters are handled with exceptional care and attention to detail. 
  • Understanding the complexities of personal and professional commitments, we specialise in personalised business contracts, tailored to your company’s brand while safeguard your interests and foster enduring partnerships. 
  • When disputes escalate to the High Court, our litigation team stands ready with insight and formidable prowess, dedicated to your cause and securing favorable outcomes. 
  • Recognising the delicate nature of family matters, we offer services in Sensitive Divorces, handling each case with the utmost care, respect, and confidentiality, ensuring a process that respects the emotional well-being of all involved.
  • Our commitment to social responsibility shines through in our specialised services as Curator ad litems and Curator Bonis, where we protect the interests of those unable to do so themselves with empathy and legal acumen.
  • We are experts in crafting SOPs & Policies that will elevate your business operations to new heights of efficiency and success.
  • Our conveyancing services are synonymous with reliability and expertise, ensuring property transactions are seamless and secure.

Your journey to legal success starts with a simple message or call. We look forward to hearing from you.

We believe in a legal world where innovation, trustworthiness, and efficiency coexist, ensuring every client feels valued and every case is handled with precision. 

Correspondent Services
With deep local connections and insights, we are your trusted legal correspondents, effectively representing you in our community. We offer services in:

  • Freestate High Court held in Bloemfontein
  • Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa (SCA)

Office Hours
Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 16:30pm

André Bornman, founded DONNELLY-BORNMAN LAW in 2023, after 10 years of serving in the corporate law industry.
Contact Person:
André Bornman

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