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Lize Nel Attorneys / Prokureurs (Krugersdorp)

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Bail, Bail (24hrs / After Hours), Contracts, Criminal, Defamation, Divorce, Family Law, Forensic Investigations, Fraud, Labour Law, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Criminal), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Police Brutality / Assaults, Professional negligence, Sexual Harassment, Unlawful Arrest, White Collar Crime, Wrongful Death
Plot 76, Krugersdorp, 1739
Gauteng / Johannesburg
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Plot 76, Krugersdorp,, 1739

My name is Lize Nel,  I qualified and practiced as an Advocate of the High Court and subsequently has now  added the qualification of attorney to my name as well.  I specialise in all areas of Criminal law, criminal littigation and criminal trials.  I can also provide assistance with civil law matters.

I dedicate myself to fiercely protect my clients rights as entrenched in the constitution.  I am proud of being highly skilled and providing effective legal solutions to any criminal law problem. 

Being arrested and prosecuted is a very traumatic and stressfull process, with potentially devastating conssequences, not only on the person being arrested but also on their loved ones. 

I pride myself on informing my clients and their families of every step of the way, of everything that will happen during this terrible traumatic time.  Because, knowledge is power, and when you are informed and knows what will happen next it is easier to deal with the situation.  Therefor I try to reassure my clients and their loved ones by explaining the process.

It does not matter where you find yourself in the process, I will help and advise you, I will represent you fiercely throughout.


1.  Affidavits and Statements:

I can accompany any person that has to make a statement or a sworn affidavit at any police station.

2.  Interdicts and Protection orders:

I can assist any client to obtain the following: 

A Prohibitory Interdict

A Mandatory Interdict

A Restitutionary Interdict

A Restraining order.

3. I can accompany any person when they are interrogated or questioned by the police or authorities.

4.  Formal Representations:

I will do formal representations in court to try and avoid a trial where it is applicable and the matter warrants this approach.

5.  Bail;

Formal bail applications done in court

Prosecutor bail applications

Police bail applications

6.  Criminal littigation

7.  White collar crime

8.  Drug related crime

9.  Driving under influence

10. Driving related offences like speeding etc.

11. Criminal Trials, no matter where in the process you find yourself

12. Firearm related offences

13. Illegal posession of firearms and ammunition

14. Fraud

15. Sexual harassment

16. Prostitution

17. Murder trials

18. Assault common

19. Assault GBH (Grievious Bodily Harm)

20. Police brutality

21. Police intimidation

22. Wrongfull arrest

23. Plea and Sentence agreements 

24. Claims against the State and Police

25. Armed robbery

26. Sexual offences

27. Culpable homicide

28. Theft and other commercial offences

29. Criment Iniuria

30. Slander

31. Defamation of Character

32. Domestic violence

33. Corruption

34. Extortion

35. Abduction

36. Concealment of birth

37. Intimidation

38. Kidnapping

39. Armed robbery

40. Receipt of stolen goods

41. Arson

42. Damage to property

43. Malicious damage to property

44. Illegal entry 

45. Etcetera



Lize Nel
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Lize Nel