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Kraut Attorneys - Immigration Specialist (Cape Town)

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Areas Of Practice:
Administrative Law, Extradition Law, Human Rights, Immigration / Emigration, Permanent and Temporary Residence Permits, Work and Study Permits
Years of Practice:
Western Cape / Cape Town
Cape Town

Kraut Attorneys is a specialist Immigration law firm that has for almost two decades professionally assisted Individual and Corporate clients from all Provinces within South Africa and internationally. We have developed a network that has allowed for the acceptance of instructions locally and from abroad, and even though our firm is situated in Gauteng with a representative office in the Western Cape we are well geared to provide the very best service to Applicants regardless of jurisdiction.

South African Immigration laws are strictly regulated and it is important to procure the best possible legal advice and representation, which supplicates the need to utilise a practising attorney with years of experience and practice in such field of law.

As the practice exclusively in such area of law, we are focused in maintaining a high and proficient standard of service from inception of the instruction to conclusion thereof, and pride ourselves in acting with rectitude whilst forging a good and lasting rapport with our clients.

Founder of the firm, Mr. Gavin Kraut has in excess of 16 years’ experience in South African Immigration and Refugee Law. In 1999 Mr. Kraut completed his degree Baccalareus Procurations (B.Proc) and thereafter Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Dip.IMM. In 2002 he was granted right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa.

Areas of Practice:

  • Immigration / Emigration
  • Temporary and Permanent residence visas/permits 
  • Appeals, Reviews and Waivers
  • Legalisations and upliftment matters including v-listings
  • Extradition Law
  • Administrative and Public Law   

Professionally assisting Individual and Corporate clients from a multitude of jurisdictions (nationally and globally) in identifying the correct *Temporary/Permanent residence visa/permit, advising on the prescribed requirements, assisting with the compilation of the application whilst ensuring statutory compliance and submission thereof.

Our expertise extends to a number of Administrative Appeal processes and if so necessitated, we are also geared to assist with Judicial Reviews to the High Court whom have the authority to consider the veracity of a decision.

In addition to the aforegoing, our services extend to the following:

  • Magistrates’ Court proceedings primarily dealing with immigration enforcement matters such as, but not limited to, inspectorate investigations, arrests and deportations.

  • Expediting the outcome of submitted temporary and permanent residence applications which remain pending for an inordinate period of time. Such expedited service of pending applications are brought by way of application to the courts.

  • Reviews / appeals against adverse decisions that may fall outside the permitting ambit.

  • Ministerial applications against Declaration of Undesirability (Section 30)
    A person that has overstayed in the Republic and been declared an undesirable person can apply for the removal of such restriction placed upon their name. The process provides an opportunity to motivate why the status of undesirability should be waived by the Honourable Minister of the Department of Home Affairs. The Minister will consider whether there is Good Cause for the lifting thereof.

  • Upliftment of Prohibition applications to the Director–General (Section 29)
    Any person that is found in possession of a fraudulent visa, permit or South African ID/Passport is deemed to be a prohibited person which has an automatic concomitant sanction of being disqualified from entry into the Republic or applying for any status. Section 29(2) of the Immigration Act makes provision for the Director General to remove prohibitory status placed upon a person. It is trite law that each case is to be decided on its own facts and good cause is to be shown for the favourable granting thereof.

*South Africa Visas and Permits

Temporary Residence Visas - Visitor visas, Study visas, Spousal/Life Partner visas, Relatives visas, General Work visas, Intra-Company Transfer visas, Business visas, Corporate visas, Exchange visas, Medical visas

Permanent Residence Permits - Section 26 (Direct Residency Permits) and Section 27 (Residency on other grounds).

We accept instructions for all types of Temporary Residence visas, Permanent residency permits, Appeals/Reviews which can be lodged in South Africa or abroad. Further thereto, we also deal with prohibitory, undesirability, deportations and administrative law matters.  Our website further details our areas of expertise. 

Contact Person:
Gavin Kraut