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Watson Attorneys (Cape Town)

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Areas Of Practice:
Association Agreements, Business Law, Business Rescue, Commercial, Commercial Drafting, Conservation and Wildlife, Contracts, Conveyancing, Debt Collections, Deceased Estates, Energy Law, Environmental Law, Estates, Insolvency, Land Claims, Land Rights, Leases, Liquidation, Litigation (Commercial), Mineral Law/Rights, Notary / Notaries Public, Property Law, Sectional Title, Sequestrations, Servitudes, Shareholders Agreements, Taxation, Trusts, Wills
Years of Practice:
Spin Street House, 8 Spin Street, CBD, Cape Town, 8001
Western Cape / Cape Town
Cape Town
How to find us:
2nd Floor, 4 Church Square Building, 4 Spin St, CBD, Cape Town, 8001

Watson Attorneys provides effective, cost effective and considered legal advice. With over 16 years of legal experience on matters concerning: 

- Contracts

- Conveyancing

- Debt Collections

- Deceased Estates

- Energy Law

- Environmental Law

- Estates

- Insolvency

- Land Claims

- Land Rights

- Leases

- Liquidation

- Litigation (Commercial)

- Mineral Law/Rights,

- Notary / Notaries Public

- Property Law

- Sectional Title

- Sequestrations

- Servitudes

- Shareholders Agreements

- Taxation

- Trusts & Wills


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Are you looking to buy a house or sell your house? Looking to transfer a property into your name from an estate? Or looking for a legal partner to help you develop a piece of land? Are you needing a correspondent attorney based in Cape Town? Or are you an estate agent looking to partner with a legal professional? Are you a renewable energy company needing quick, sound and affordable advice?

If your answer is “yes” to any one of these questions, please get in touch so we can discuss your specific property matter further.

Reva Watson
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Reva Watson

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