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Lydea Horn Attorney (Bloubergstrand)

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+27 (0)21 554 1214
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Areas Of Practice:
Access to Children, Childrens Rights, Curatorship / Curator Bonis, Custody, Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Domestic Violence, Family Law, Maintenance, Matrimonial, Mediation, Surrogacy Law
Years of Practice:
42 Sir David Baird Drive, Bloubergstrand
Western Cape / Cape Town
Bloubergstrand / Table View
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Lydea Horn Attorney is a boutique Law Firm which specialises in Family Law. This means that we deal with all aspects of the Family including the individuals. Lydea Horn is the sole proprietor  B.A.LLB (Stellenbosch) of the firm and is assisted by support staff who have also been with the firm for a significant period.

The firm was established in 2002 and we have been practising from our premises for 16 years. From the outset the decision was made to concerntrate only on Family Law matters. We deal with Divorces, Child law and matters specifically pertaining to the wellbeing of children, Family Violence matters and  Maintenance. We often deal with complex matters, but we also bring matters to a quick resolution when so required. We are also expanding to include a mediation practice. We are in the process of obtaining our mediation accreditation, but are able to mediate any matter should it be required.

We have never advertised our services and we have built up our clientele through word of mouth only. It is our experience that clients prefer to consult with an attorney who has been referred to them as being effective. We are available to consult in Cape Town if so required and we have secured professional facilities in order to do so.

Because our client base is built on our reputation only, we pride ourselves on the individual attention which we give to each client and to the excellence of our work. 

We also have a wide field of referral to other professionals and experts who have been tried and tested for their professionalism and contribution to our matters.

First consultation fee

Ther first consultation fee is R700 and the consultation will last for as long as it will take to take a proper instruction on the matter and to achieve a workable solution.

The hourly fee after the first consultation will be discussed with the client individually and depends on the complexity of the matter.


The writer has many years of experience in finalising simple and complex divorce matters and has built up a reputation for resolving issues that have seemed unsurmountable. We deal with local and with foreign divorces.


Maintenance issues are all part of the divorce process and often one of the most vexed questions. One is able to address these issues during the process of a divorce. Often parties are concerned that the spouse will stop maintaining them when the divorce process is initiated. There are court processes which can be followed in order to address these specific issues.

Alternatively there are often issues surrounding maintance after a divorce has been granted. These issues can also effectively be addressed in a maintenance court. The writer has extensive experience in matters of maintenance and is well known in the maintenance courts.

For unmarried parents there are also many issues surrounding maintenacne which the writter has much experience in addressing.

Family Violence

Unfortunately Family Violence has become a part of the South African culture. It can be physical, emosional of even financial. All of these aspects can be dealt with. It is not necessary for one party to be minimised. The writer has dealt with this aspect extensively.


The writer is particularly known for her work in problematic child care and contact issues. The writer are continuously involved in issues of drafting co-parenting agreements (or parenting plans).The writer is also well known in the children's court arena for issues surrounding children.

Curatorship issues and other issues involving the family

It unfortunate that some people may not be able to conduct their own litigation or financial matters. For these purposes the writer is able to do the necessary applications.


The writer has not dealt with all the possible scenarios which may arise in Family Law issues. These are many and the writer may be contacted telephonically to discuss any issues with which you may be experiencing problems.


We look forward to working with you.

Lydea Horn

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