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WEPENERS Attorneys (Bellville ,Durbanville City of Cape Town.)

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Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Family Law, Matrimonial, Mediation, Notary / Notaries Public, Wills
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12 Provence, Iris Street, Durbanville, 7550
Western Cape / Cape Town
Bellville / Durbanville
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P O Box 2535, Durbanville, 7551, 7551
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Please call 021 9135525 and make an appointment

I am  an experienced lawyer/attorney in  all aspects  of DIVORCES.I was a magistrate for 20 years and I am in practice as a Divorce  lawyer /attorney for the past 20 years. I specialise in Divorces and Divorces is therefor my main and primary  focus.I am a trained FAMAC divorce mediator and I can also be of help to avoid a divorce,should the parties be amenable to reconcile in order to side-step a divorce.

I have  the experience  to assit two parties who wish to get divorced and are in agreement with all aspects. With them I consult and draft a professional Settlement Agreement and take them on the road until they are divorced. This will secure that they have been handled the divorce in a professional manner. Self- help divorces are dangerous,as  many people can testify who handled a divorce between themself.A divorce is a complex matter,irrespevtive of how simplistic the divorce may look. Only an experienced divorce lawyer/attorney knows all the pitfalls. A divorce process  is not something that can be 'copy and pasted'.

My firm is a boutique divorce firm and I  give personal attention to each of my clients. I do not hand them to young inexperienced attorneys in my service to handle the the divorce. This  unfortunately happens  frequently  in ‘big name’ firms. Clients believe they go to a big-name divorce  attorney but  only to be handed over to junior lawyers.

  My divorce  practice is operated from an office at my home, it is extremely private, comfortable and informal. It is centrally located in Durbanville in a small upmarket complex. I am able to deal with any divorce, no matter how complicated. 

 I am proud  that I have never  overcharged a client .  Many attorneys (as long as there are funds available) refrain from skipping certain divorce  steps. Many attorneys work towards the generating of costs. They create expectations  in divorce issues which are not achievable. And in that way, they motivate the client NOT to settle the divorce. And so, the divorce drags on and on. In the end, the client would have been monetary  far better of  should he or she  have settled  the divorce earlier. 

I inform  my client what is achievable and what not. I am honest and informative about the latter  . I strive to keep costs down irrespective of who my client is. On the other hand,  I will fight  without fear for what my client is entitled to. 

Johan Wepener
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Johan Wepener