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EY Stuart Inc (Brooklyn)

012 346 1849
111 Pretoria
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Years of Practice:
Suite 202, Waterkloof Gardens, 270 Main Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria
Gauteng / Pretoria
Postal Address:
PO Box 6492, Pretoria, 0001

The firm was established 32 years ago on 1 April 1988 and has progressed to where we are today as an established incorporated law firm.

Our team comprises our board of directors, professional assistants, candidate attorneys and administrative support staff.

We are renowned in Pretoria as specialists in the sectional title industry, high court and magistrate's court litigation and specialised conveyancing in particular. We have also established our name as experts in residential and commercial property developments and render regular services to many large and reputable developers in Gauteng.

•  High Court Litigation0
•  Magistrate's Court Litigation
•  Conveyancing
•  Notarial Practice
•  Sectional Title Law and Community Schemes
•  Estate Planning
•  Trust Law and Administration of Estates
•  Company Law — Mergers and Acquisitions
•  Commercial Work — Agreements, Leases, etc.
•  Sequestrations, Liquidations, Business Rescue
•  Family Law
•  Dispute Resolution — Mediation / Arbitration

Our offices moved to Brooklyn early in 2010. Our clients find our present locality comfortable and easily accessible and we are able to ensure effective and speedy services since all major institutions with whom we transact are within close proximity.

We provide a nationwide service due to the professional relationships and associations we have formed with reputable attorneys in all major centres over the years.


Our team is fully committed and motivated to focus on serving our clients’ needs expeditiously, with professionalism and accuracy.

We firmly maintain that the way we manage and treat our personnel has a direct impact on the manner in which they treat our clients.

It is vital for our staff to experience our important milestones with us and to grow mentally with our success. As proof of our beliefs, two of our staff members served us for over 20 years and we have several members who have remained on our staff for more than 15 years.

We place a strong focus on the empowerment, training and skills development of our fellow employees. To enhance their career and professional growth, our support staff are regularly encouraged to attend courses and presentations offered by various experts in the litigation and conveyancing field, to ensure that they are continuously “in tune” with new developments that affect our business practice.

We place a strong emphasis on teamwork and having a spirit of togetherness, as effective communication between team members enhances the overall performance of our organisation which, in turn, leads to ultimate client satisfaction.

Elmo-York Stuart, Ona Nell & Bianca Van Wyk