Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at TNK Attorneys - Turner Ntshingana Kirsten Attorneys (Claremont)

  1. Brandell Turner
    Years of Practice: 27     Position: Partner

    Brandell Turner holds a BA (Law), LL.B degree from the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town and heads TNK Attorneys. Brandell has been admitted to practice law in 1996 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his clients. He has practiced law in civil and labour litigation... click for more information

  2. Gcobani Ntshingana
    Position: Director

    Gcobani Ntshingana is a partner and director at TNK Attorneys. He was admitted to practice law in 2000 and holds a Masters Degree in Commercial Law. Gcobani has previously held senior management positions in government and the NGO sector and currently consults on labour and administrative law matter... click for more information

  3. Bradley Ravens
    Position: Director

    Bradley Ravens is partners and director at TNK Attorneys. He holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master's degree in Development Finance. Bradley has 12 years' experience in Forensic Investigations, having previously worked at SARS, The Directorate: Special Operations (Hawks), the Asset Forfeiture Unit an... click for more information

  4. Reaz Khan
    Years of Practice: 23     Position: Partner

    B.Proc and LL.B degree as well as a Certificate in Forensic Investigations and Auditing. Reaz was admitted to practice law in 2000. He specialises in all areas of criminal court practice and has appeared in the Magistrate and High Courts in several high profile criminal court cases. click for more information

  5. David Van Niekerk
    Years of Practice: 14     Position: Managing Director

    David Van Niekerk is a Managing Director at TNK Attorneys and may be described as a bright and energetic young attorney who has had multiple articles published in leading South African law journals wherein he has dealt with aspects of Credit and Consumer Law as well as issues surrounding Sports Law ... click for more information

  6. Jill Barnes
    Years of Practice: 14     Position: Associate

    Jill Barnes is an associate at TNK Attorneys and holds an LLB degree from the University of the Western Cape. Before joining TNK Attorneys, Jill worked at a leading commercial firm in Cape Town where she gained experience in corporate collections and civil litigation. Jill also has vast experience... click for more information

  7. Songezwa Lukuko
    Years of Practice: 7     Position: Associate

    Is an Associate who joined our team in 2014, she was recently admitted as an attorney in 2016 and is engaged in a wide range of legal matters. She has knowledge and practical experience in the following areas of law; family law, evictions, administration of deceased estates, debt collecting, labour ... click for more information

  8. Leshea Segers
    Years of Practice: 6     Position: Associate

    Leshea Segers is an Associate who joined TNK Attorneys as a Candidate Attorney in January 2016 after attending the School for Legal Practice. She holds her LL.B Degree from the University of the Western Cape. Leshea specialises in general civil litigation ranging from evictions to family law dispu... click for more information

  9. Alayna Lewendal
    Years of Practice: 8     Position: Associate

    Is an associate at TNK Attorneys. She graduated with her LL.B degree from University of the Western Cape in 2008. She offers legal services in the field of Administrative law and Civil Litigation. She also works in our forensic department and has experience in compliance matters related to Public F... click for more information

  10. Joycelyn Harmse
    Position: Senior Associate

    Joycelyn is a senior associate and heads the department that assists in the lodgement and finalisation of claims against the Road Accident Fund, she also concentrates on Magistrate Court and High Court Litigation. click for more information

  11. Reza Slamang
    Position: Associate

    Reza Slamang joined TNK Attorneys in February 2013. Reza specializes in Labour and Employment Law. Prior to being admitted to practice law in 2013, Reza was employed in senior management in Human Resources at Old Mutual for a period of 10 years. click for more information