Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at King-Essack & Associates Incorporated (Westville, Durban)

  1. Derek Wright
    Years of Practice: 34    Position: Director

    Derek was admitted as an attorney in 1990. He heads the firm's litigation department and has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial litigation. In his experience, a good litigator requires meticulous preparation and an eye for the finest detail. His approach is to leave nothing to chance... click for more information

  2. Nishi Kallichurum
    Years of Practice: 21    Position: Director

    Nishi was admitted as an attorney in 2003 and became a King-Essack & Associates director in 2007. Nishi has served as a Small Claims Court Commissioner and Additional Magistrate over the years. She further holds a certificate in Business Rescue. Nishi specializes in litigation and family law. Nishi ... click for more information