Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at King-Essack & Associates Incorporated (Pinetown)

  1. Roger Jenkins
    Years of Practice: 27     Position: Director

    Roger was admitted as an attorney in 1989 and as a conveyancer and notary public shortly thereafter. His areas of expertise include commercial and property law, property developments, related contracts, trusts, tax and insolvency matters and wills and estate planning. Roger heads the firm's conveya... click for more information

  2. Derek Wright
    Years of Practice: 26     Position: Director

    Derek was admitted as an attorney in 1990. He heads the firm's litigation department and has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial litigation. In his experience, a good litigator requires meticulous preparation and an eye for the finest detail. His approach is to leave nothing to chance... click for more information

  3. Mahomed Essack
    Years of Practice: 26     Position: Director

    Mahomed graduated in 1990 with a B. Comm Degree and in 1992 with an LL.B Degree. He specialises in family law and in particular issues relating to children and the law. His field of expertise includes inter alia, divorce, custody disputes, adoptions and Childrens' Court matters, assisting fathers of... click for more information

  4. Nishi Singh
    Years of Practice: 13     Position: Director

    Nishi Singh commenced employment with Essack & Hansa as a candidate attorney. When the practices of Essack & Hansa and King & Associates merged, Nishi continued her articles with the then newly formed King-Essack & Associates Incorporated. She was admitted as an attorney on the 1st of September 2003... click for more information