Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Bax Kaplan Russell Incorporated (East London)

  1. Michael Francis
    Years of Practice: 36    Position: Director

    Mike was born in Grahamstown on 22 June 1955. He attended Graeme College in Grahamstown. Having matriculated he completed a BProc degree at Rhodes University whilst simultaneously completing his articles at Green and Truter in Grahamstown He was admitted as an Attorney of the Eastern Cape Division ... click for more information

  2. Steven Clarke
    Years of Practice: 33    Position: Director

    Steven was born in Elliott on 10 March 1955. He is married to Bonita and they have two children, Shaun and Lisa. Steven attended Vincent Primary School and then Selborne College from 1968 to 1972 when he was a Prefect in his matric year. He was a first team rugby player in 1971 and 1972 and was sele... click for more information

  3. Jon Bax
    Years of Practice: 45    Position: Consultant

    Jon Bax was born in East London on 30 April 1947. Jon attended Selborne Primary and St Andrews College, Grahamstown, whereafter he did articles in Cape Town where he also attended Cape Town University. He returned to East London in 1970 and went into Partnership in the firm Randell & Bax. In 1976 t... click for more information

  4. Bridgette Magnus
    Years of Practice: 22    Position: Director

    Bridgette Magnus was admitted as an Attorney in 2002 and became a Director at Russell Incorporated in 2007. Bridgette specializes in all aspects of Labour Law with specific emphasis on Governmental and Municipal and Public Entity matter, specifically those relating to procurement as well as forensic... click for more information

  5. Bradley Sparg
    Years of Practice: 15    Position: Director

    Bradley graduated at NMMU in 2006 with B.COM LLB. He commenced his Articles at Russell Incorporated in 2007 and was admitted as an Attorney in 2009. He became a Director at Russell Incorporate in 2012. Bradley specializes in Commercial Litigation and the drafting of Commercial Contracts as well as ... click for more information

  6. Jacques Steyl
    Years of Practice: 32    Position: Director

    Jacques Steyl graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 1988 with a BA LLB and in 1999 obtained a Higher Diploma in Estate Planning from the University of Potchefstroom. He was admitted as an Attorney and Conveyancer in 1992. After practising as such in partnership in Cape Town for 22 years h... click for more information

  7. Kingsley Kingon
    Years of Practice: 67    Position: Consultant

    Kingsley Kingon was born on the 16th October 1934 and matriculated from Selborne College, East London. He did his Articles of Clerkship with Norton Gale & Norton in East London and was admitted as an attorney in April, 1957. He was then employed as a Professional Assistant by the firm and became a p... click for more information

  8. Margaret Brooks
    Years of Practice: 30    Position: Senior Associate

    Margaret was admitted as an Attorney and a Conveyancer in the 1990's and managed a Conveyancing practice for 5 years until the year 2000. For a short period Margaret practised as an Administrator of Deceased Estates and from 2002 until present, has been attending to the registration of conveyancing ... click for more information