Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Duvenage Inc (Richards Bay)

  1. Gerrit Duvenage
    Years of Practice: 32    Position: Director

    I am passionate about people, and I want to make a difference in our client's lives in providing professional, ethical and extra-ordinary good services to all our clients. click for more information

  2. Marlette Janse van Rensburg
    Years of Practice: 13    Position: Senior Associate

    I believe I can make a difference, whether that be in the lives of children, battered and bruised spouses, or just helping a couple through a difficult divorce. I sympathise with my clients, and therefore fight for them as hard as I can. Nobody wants to end up in these situations, but we all need so... click for more information

  3. Camilla Gibbs
    Years of Practice: 5    Position: Associate

    I find this field of law rewarding in that I can help clients with practical solutions to legal problems that avoid the need to go to court, and in the process foster strong client relationships. click for more information

  4. Patrick Kühn
    Years of Practice: 10    Position: Associate

    I am a theoretical and analytical thinker, and enjoy the legal knowledge I gain from working in litigation, as well as learning more about the variety of interesting fields our clients specialise in. click for more information

  5. Ovaysha Jughdis
    Years of Practice: 1    Position: Candidate Legal Practitioner

    click for more information

  6. Zakhele Mathenjwa
    Years of Practice: 1    Position: Candidate Legal Practitioner

    I was employed as a Health and Safety Specialists for the last 20 years. In my capacity as H&S specialist, I identified various legal issues and believe I can address those by providing the necessary input to help others and thereby minimise accidents. As such, I applied for a law degree in 2014 and... click for more information