Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Kisch IP (Sandton)

  1. Adelhart Krüger
    Years of Practice: 28     Position: Chairman & Director

    More than 24 years experience in: Drafting of patent specifications, patent prosecution (locally and abroad) Patent litigation. Copyright Law and litigation, more particularly copyright in computer software Unlawful competition. Technical expertise includes Electrical and Electronic Enginee... click for more information

  2. At van Rooy
    Position: Director - Head of Patent Department

    More than 20 years experience in: Patent filing, prosecution and litigation in the Life Sciences field of Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Medical, Biotech, Biochemical, Microbiological, Plant Breeders' Rights (‘PBR') and Genetically Modified Organisms (locally and international). Drafting of a... click for more information

  3. Vanessa Ferguson
    Years of Practice: 17     Position: Director - Head of Anti-Counterfeiting Department

    Anti-Counterfeiting strategy and enforcement. Litigation performing in the enforcement of Trade Mark, Anti-Counterfeiting and Copyright cases. Trade Mark filing, prosecution, opposition and litigation. click for more information

  4. Nola Bond
    Position: Director - Head of Trade Marks Department

    More than 20 years experience in: Trade Mark availability searches, filings, prosecution, changes of ownership, recordals and oppositions. Trade Mark Litigation, including infringements, cancellation actions, passing-off and unlawful competition Trade Mark Portfolio Management and Brand Protec... click for more information

  5. Derek Momberg
    Position: Director

    More than 25 years experience in: Intellectual Property Valuations Unlawful Competition Litigation Trade Mark Prosecution and Litigation Licensing of Intellectual Property and related commercial litigation Copyright Litigation Intellectual Property Due Diligence. Transfer Pricing and the im... click for more information