Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Wright Rose-Innes (Bedfordview)

  1. Graeme Carrington
    Years of Practice: 25     Position: Director

    Graeme oversees all financial matters for Wright Rose-Innes as its financial director, including budgeting and compliance. His practice focuses heavily on corporate and business-related issues, including litigation and dispute resolution as well as consulting and commercial drafting roles. Graeme g... click for more information

  2. Eliana De Camillis
    Years of Practice: 22     Position: Director

    Eliana graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor of Arts and an LLB in 1994. In 1997, she was admitted as an attorney, a conveyancer, and a notary public. Eliana discovered her enthusiasm for the real estate market after graduating and working briefly in litigation practice.... click for more information

  3. Renee Carrington
    Years of Practice: 24     Position: Director

    Senior Attorney and Director Renee Carrington has been in practice for more than 22 years. Although the majority of her work focuses on general commercial law and civil high court litigation, she also has a wide variety of expertise in many other legal fields, such as freight forwarding and logistic... click for more information

  4. Marcel Thobois
    Years of Practice: 30     Position: Director

    Attorney and Conveyancer (Admitted 1989). Areas of practice include Litigation, Property Law (conveyancing), Commercial Law, Family Law and Debt collections. click for more information