Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Oosthuizen du Plooy Attorneys (Klerksdorp)

  1. Andre Snyman
    Position: Partner

    Andre Snyman is a senior partner at Oosthuizen du Plooy for the last 30 years. He specializes in property law. He is an admitted attorney, conveyancer, and notary. click for more information

  2. Hajira Kara
    Position: Partner

    Hajira Bibi Kara is an admitted attorney and notary. She joined the firm as partner during 2018 and brings a variety of specialized skills to the firm. She is a member of the North West Provincial Council of the Legal Practice Council. Hajira Bibi Kara is a lecturer at the PVT School of Legal Pra... click for more information

  3. Lelanie du Preez
    Years of Practice: 11    Position: Partner

    Lelanie du Preez obtained her LLB degree during 2011 and her LLM in comparative child law during 2013, from the North West University in Potchefstroom. She was admitted as an attorney in 2015. Oosthuizen du Plooy Attorneys employed her as professional assistant in April 2016, and became a partner in... click for more information