Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Bertus Appel Attorneys (Pietermaritzburg)

  1. Bertus Appel
    Years of Practice: 42    Position: Director

    Bertus was admitted as an attorney in 1982 and as conveyancer in 1986. He practised as an attorney and partner in a firm in Richards Bay for 20 years after his admission. He later became the head of the Legal Aid's Office in Pietermaritzburg and occupied this position for 14 years whereafter, he ope... click for more information

  2. Divesh Rughoo
    Years of Practice: 5    Position: Professional Assistant

    Divesh started his articles with the firm in 2016 whilst studying for his LLB degree; successfully completed his studies and was admitted as an attorney in 2019. He takes a special interest in family law matters and civil litigation. click for more information