Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Carelse Khan Inc t/a CK Attorneys

  1. Reynhard Carelse
    Years of Practice: 19     Position: Director

    Reynhard Carelse was admitted as an attorney in 2002. He founded CK Attorneys during 2005 and has nurtured CK Attorneys to grow to the firm it is today. Reynhard is a specialist in labour law. click for more information

  2. André van Greunen
    Position: Director

    André van Greunen joined CK Attorneys in 2015. Andre is involved in general commercial and civil litigation, he is also an expert in sectional title schemes and body corporates. click for more information

  3. Michéle Engela
    Years of Practice: 32     Position: Director

    Michéle Engela was admitted as an attorney in 1998. She joined CK Attorneys in 2017 and is involved in commercial matters and general litigation with a key focus on third liability claims. click for more information

  4. Petra van Vuuren
    Years of Practice: 2     Position: Associate

    Petra van Vuuren joined us in 2019 and is involved in general, commercial and civil litigation. click for more information

  5. Angela Vushe
    Position: Associate

    Angela joined us in 2017 as a candidate attorney and was admitted as an attorney in 2019. Angela is involved in general litigation with a key focus on evictions. click for more information