Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Khaya Dywanisi Attorneys & Conveyancers (King William's Town)

  1. Khaya Dywanisi
    Years of Practice: 3     Position: Director

    Khaya Dywanisi, holds a Bachelor of Laws degree, is an attorney and conveyacer. Khaya is a mature African male, with a vast experience in retail business. Khaya has worked in pharmaceutical industry for more than twenty years before pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. click for more information

  2. Bianca Trompeter

    Bianca Trompeter holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and has done a Forensic Investigator Course. Bianca is a mature coloured female, with a lot of experience in the management of a legal office. Bianca started out as a legal secretary in the mid 90's before joining the Special Investigative unit of the... click for more information