Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at LG Gouveia Attorneys (Mulbarton)

  1. Leila Grace Gouveia
    Years of Practice: 14     Position: Director

    Leila has over 13 years experience in her areas of law. She is well suited to resolve issues amicably when the opportunity arises to do so. Leila specializes in property transfers, estate planning, last wills and testaments, Antenuptial contracts, contract drafting. click for more information

  2. Melissa Hertz
    Years of Practice: 7     Position: Litigation Head

    Melissa is the Head of Litigation and is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. Her practice areas include Civil Litigation, Divorces, Evictions, Contracts and General Collections. Melissa's passion for the Law can be found in the details surrounding litigation and the challenges it br... click for more information

  3. Jean-Claud Davis
    Position: Litigation Associate

    JC is a highly skilled litigation attorney who has been granted the right of appearance in the High Courts of South Africa. JC is extremely dedicated and pays attention to the smallest of details of your matter, which makes him a great attorney to work with. click for more information