Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at England Slabbert Attorneys Inc. (Cape Town)

  1. Nicole Slabbert
    Years of Practice: 11    Position: Managing Director

    Nicki is the captain of our ship. Although she is primarily a civil litigation attorney, she has a hand in (and an eye on) almost every file in our office. While she does enjoy a good fight, she's known for negotiating settlements and encourages parties to avoid court unless absolutely necessary. Bu... click for more information

  2. Simone Rens
    Years of Practice: 6    Position: Family Law Attorney

    Simone joined England Slabbert Attorneys in 2021 and heads up the family law department. Simone is known for her bubbly and positive demeanour, a standout in some of the darkest of matters. Despite her interest in Tax Law, Simone completed her articles of clerkship at a boutique family law firm in ... click for more information