Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Johan Kruger & Associates (Pinetown)

  1. Johan Kruger
    Years of Practice: 26    Position: Director

    Johan is a Crimnal Law specialist and his experience encompasses over fifteen years in Criminal Law and investigations in specialised units of the South African Police. He has a further three years service in the SAPS Legal Department dealing with civil and criminal matters and two decades worth of ... click for more information

  2. Chanelle Pillay
    Years of Practice: 10   

    Chanelle is passionate in the area of family law and is currently furthering her expertise in studying Conveyancing and Notarial Practice. She is devoted and always enthusiastic to render the best services to our clients without compromising her legal ethics. Chanelle attained her LLB degree in 201... click for more information

  3. Frederik Smit
    Years of Practice: 8    Position: Candidate Attorney

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