Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Faber & Allin Inc

  1. Eureka Zandberg (Previously Allin)
    Years of Practice: 12     Position: Director

    Commenced her legal career in 2003 at a corporate firm and was admitted as an attorney in March 2005. Progressed to establish her own practice in Cape Town in 2006 prior to establishing Faber & Allin Inc. in 2008. Holds Right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa in both the Gauting Divis... click for more information

  2. Thomas Bell
    Position: Senior Associate

    Obtained his B.Proc Degree in 2000 and was admitted to the High Court of South Africa in 2005. He commenced his career in the field of personal injury in 2003 and in 2008 he joined a corporate firm where he furthered his personal injury and litigation experience. He joined Faber & Allin Incorporat... click for more information

  3. Matthew Smith
    Years of Practice: 0     Position: Attorney

    Matthew P. Smith commenced his articles of clerkship in 2011 while studying his LLB degree, which he obtained from Unisa in 2013. He was admitted as an attorney to the High Court of South Africa in 2016. Matthew is studying a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Law. click for more information