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2208 Attorneys or Lawyers profiles in South Africa

  1. Thabo Thipa (Managing Director)
    Law firm: Thipa Incorporated Attorneys (Sandton)
    Position: Managing Director

    Thabo is a founding partner of Thipa Incorporated Attorneys, a law firm specialising in pension and employee benefits law. Thabo is a member of the Legal and Technical Committee of the IRF; Chairman of the S15K Specialist Surplus Tribunals; past National President and Regional Chairman of the Pensio... click for more information

  2. Carl Rolf Fagelund-Gjersoe
    Law firm: Gjersoe Inc (Sunninghill)
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Director

    Carl studied at the University of Durban in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa graduating in 1995. Prior to commencing his articles he travelled to the United Kingdon for two years. After being admitted as an attorney in South Africa in 1999 he returned to England where he was admitted to practice as a so... click for more information

  3. Janette Claassen
    Law firm: Venters Inc (Bellville)
    Years of Practice: 7    Position: Candidate Attorney

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  4. Johannes Chritiaan Van Dyk
    Law firm: Venters Inc (Bellville)
    Years of Practice: 8    Position: Candidate Attorney

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  5. Jacob Venter
    Law firm: Venters Inc (Bellville)
    Years of Practice: 16    Position: Partner/Director

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  6. Charl Andre van Rensburg
    Law firm: VZLR Inc (Monument Park, Pretoria)
    Years of Practice: 26    Position: Director

    Charl has been a director since 1989. He lectured for 8 years at the Association of Law Societies on the different forms of business enterprises, subject in which he maintains a keen interest. He was also involved in several prominent matters, the most recent, a decision by the Supreme Court of Appe... click for more information

  7. Chris Watters
    Law firm: Chris Watters Attorneys (Bedforview)
    Position: Immigration Attorney

    Chris Watters is a Immigration Law Specialist that has been in practice for over a quarter of a century with an almost unparalleled background in administrative law and human rights having also worked as a human rights lawyer through much of the Eighties in what was then the most violent period of a... click for more information

  8. Sanel van Zyl

    Sanél obtained her LL.B degree at the University of Stellenbosch. She completed her contract of articles whereafter she was admitted as an attorney in 2006. As an attorney she gained experience in Criminal Work, General Litigation, Arbitration and Personal Injury Law. In 2007 she was appoint... click for more information

  9. Veronica Vurgarellis
    Law firm: Lawtons Africa
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Director

    Veronica Vurgarellis has more than 15 years' litigation experience in the courts and in alternative dispute resolution forums and has right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa. In addition to acting for clients in dispute resolution matters, she provides training to parastatals regardin... click for more information

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