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2212 Attorneys or Lawyers profiles in South Africa

  1. Ian Theophilus
    Law firm: Gravett Schoeman Incorporated (East London)
    Years of Practice: 10    Position: Director

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  2. Hugh Melamdowitz
    Law firm: Spoor & Fisher (Pretoria)
    Years of Practice: 27    Position: Partner

    Domestic and international trade mark registration, searches and renewals, domestic and international trade mark and copyright litigation, copyright agreements, entertainment law, media law and international distribution. Hugh specialises in commercial agreements relating to intellectual property, l... click for more information

  3. Hugh Raichlin
    Law firm: Hugh Raichlin Attorneys (Norwood)
    Years of Practice: 35    Position: Owner

    Hugh has had extensive experience as a litigation, commercial and family law / Divorce attorney. Hugh also does corporate training in the legal process. click for more information

  4. Hugh Eiser
    Law firm: Eiser & Kantor (Rosebank)
    Years of Practice: 37   

    Hugh Eiser has been admitted as an attorney since 1972. His expertise range over a wide area in the commercial law and commercial litigation fields, including: - Negotiating and drafting of merger and acquisition, and related agreements, involving nine and ten figure amounts. I am able to unders... click for more information

  5. Hopewell Sathekge
    Law firm: Hogan Lovells (South Africa) Inc
    Years of Practice: 6    Position: Senior Associate

    Hopewell Sathekge focuses on commercial property law and has assisted in a number of projects., including registration of mortgage and notarial bonds for both local and international banks and private funds. The thesis for his masters in commercial law focused largely on registration of securities ... click for more information

  6. Hlengiwe Mahlangu
    Law firm: MacRobert Inc (Pretoria)
    Years of Practice: 3    Position: Associate

    Hlengiwe obtained her LLB degree in 2014 from the University of Pretoria. During her studies, she was appointed as an executive member of the Law House representing law students in the faculty. She also actively involved herself in awareness programmes hosted by the faculty, such as Educating Prison... click for more information

  7. Hickley Hamman
    Law firm: MacRobert Inc (Cape Town)
    Position: Associate

    Hickley completed his BComm (Law) in 2009 at the University of Pretoria, which he obtained cum laude, majoring in Economics and Business Management. He subsequently obtained his LLB from the same institution and was employed by MacRobert Incorporated shortly thereafter. He has experience in corporat... click for more information

  8. Hettie Germishuis
    Law firm: Bowes McDougal Inc (Queenstown)
    Years of Practice: 3    Position: Director

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  9. Hester Kemp
    Law firm: Houghton Harper (Houghton)
    Position: Professional Assistant

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  10. Hermanus Stefanus (Manie) Bosman
    Law firm: Miller Bosman Le Roux (Somerset West)
    Position: Consultant

    Manie Bosman graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BA in Law in 1966; and a B Juris from Rand University in 1974. His first graduate position was Human Resources Manager with Anglo American; a role he left in 1974 to become Junior Partner at Hofmeyr Van der Merwe & Botha in Johannesburg. Th... click for more information

  11. Herman T v G Bekker
    Law firm: Goldberg & de Villiers Inc (Port Elizabeth)
    Position: Director

    Deals with all general litigation and specifically insurance litigation and claims against the Road Accident Fund click for more information

  12. Herman Blignaut
    Law firm: Spoor & Fisher (Pretoria)
    Years of Practice: 13    Position: Partner

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  13. Herman Pieterse
    Law firm: Pieterse Inc Attorneys (Jeffreys Bay)
    Years of Practice: 24    Position: Director

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  14. Herklaas Venter
    Law firm: Lovius Block Attorneys (Bloemfontein)
    Years of Practice: 20    Position: Professional Assistant

    Admitted: September 1998 click for more information

  15. Henry Madeleyn
    Law firm: Madeleyn Inc (Vredenburg)
    Years of Practice: 24    Position: Partner

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  16. Henry Madeleyn
    Law firm: Madeleyn Inc (Durbanville)
    Years of Practice: 24    Position: Director

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  17. Henry Brunsdon
    Law firm: Brunsdon & Dollie Attorneys (Cape Town)
    Years of Practice: 11    Position: Partner

    Experienced Labour law and Criminal Defence Attorney. Skilled in litigation at various levels. His expertease include: Dispute resolution / Consiliation / Arbitration at CCMA / Bargaining Councils including - MEIBC, NBCRFLI, BIBC, MIBCO, PHSDSBC, BCCEI, NBCEI, HCSBC, SARPBAC, TBC, ELRC, GPSSBC, P... click for more information

  18. Henno Bothma
    Law firm: Abrahams & Gross (Cape Town)
    Years of Practice: 7    Position: Director

    Henno Bothma focuses on Commercial, Criminal and Shipping Law as well as Commercial Litigation. click for more information

  19. Hennie van der Walt
    Law firm: Hennie van der Walt Attorneys (Centurion)
    Years of Practice: 22    Position: Owner

    Mr van der Walt has assisted clients with, amongst others, the following: Magistrate and High Court matters, Divorce law and CCMA: Eviction applications in the Randburg, Kempton Park, Krugersdorp and Pretoria Magistrate's Courts Eviction applications in the Johannesburg High Court Section... click for more information

  20. Hennie van der Walt
    Law firm: Hennie van der Walt Attorneys (Midrand)
    Years of Practice: 22    Position: Owner

    Mr van der Walt has practiced as an attorney for more than 15 years. He gained considerable experience in areas such as Magistrate's and High Court litigation, Eviction matters, Labour disputes, Family Law, the drafting of agreements, settlement negotiations and court appearances. He has in recent... click for more information

  21. Hennie de Klerk
    Law firm: De Klerk Mandelstam Inc (Randburg)
    Years of Practice: 44    Position: Director

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  22. Henk Viljoen
    Law firm: Viljoen-French & Chester Inc. (Randburg)
    Years of Practice: 29    Position: Director

    In private practice since 1986 and became director of Viljoen French and Chester inc, established in 1990. Specialises in Commercial and Litigation. click for more information

  23. Henk Cilliers
    Law firm: Cilliers & Reynders Inc (Centurion)
    Position: Director

    Henk has been practicing as an attorney since 1994 and has extensive experience in commercial law, contract law and legal due diligences, including a proper understanding of the National Credit Act, New Companies Act and the Consumer Protection Act. He is currently completing an MBA degree through t... click for more information

  24. Hendrik F Verwoed
    Law firm: Muller Terblanche & Beyers Inc (Worcester)
    Years of Practice: 12    Position: Director

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  25. Hendrik Andries Conradie
    Law firm: Conradie Inc. (Worcester)
    Years of Practice: 46    Position: Director

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