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Darrolls Attorneys (Newlands)

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Areas Of Practice:
Administrative Law, Adoption, Antenuptial Contracts, Business Law, Commercial, Commercial Drafting, Consumer Law, Contracts, Conveyancing, Deceased Estates, Divorce, Domestic Partnerships, Due diligence audits, Education Law, Employment Law, Entertainment Law, Estates, Family Law, Labour Law, Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Maintenance, Matrimonial, Property Law, Trademarks, Trusts, Wills
Years of Practice:
30 Thibault Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town
Western Cape / Cape Town
Cape Town
Postal Address:
30 Thibault Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700

Small, Fearless, Effective. Darrolls Attorneys fights for the Person-in-the-Street & the Small Business Owner. Darrolls Attorneys is a general practice, we offer:

  • An informal yet professional approach
  • Contracts the client readily understands
  • Accessibility for the client as a priority
  • Readiness to provide urgent services
  • An approach to law from a business rather than a legalistic point of view
  • Telephone queries without charge
  • Services as fast as time and resources allow
  • Special low-fee introductory interview by arrangement.

The Darrolls Attorneys Creed
The lawyer exists-
to assist the weak, rather than protect the strong;
to back the small wronged by the big;
to bring relief to a deserving client,
not fear and despair to others;
to serve and not to bully;
to charge a fair overall fee for work of excellence,
to deal with situations in a goal-centred holistic way,
not with so many impractical legal niceties
as to obstruct commercial initiatives;
to fight for the client without compromise;
to identify with the client's concern;
to provide the client with the best the law can offer.

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