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Raphunga Attorneys (Bryanston, Sandton)

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Access to Children, Antenuptial Contracts, Childrens Rights, Commercial, Commercial Drafting, Construction, Conveyancing, Custody, Deceased Estates, Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Domestic Partnerships, Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving, Estates, Family Law, General Practice, High Court Practice, Insurance Law, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (High Court), Maintenance, Matrimonial, Medical Negligence, Notary / Notaries Public, Partnership Agreements, Shareholders Agreements
33 Ballyclare Drive, Ballywoods Office Park, Cedarwood House, Bryanston, Sandton
Gauteng / Johannesburg
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P.O. Box 1836 , Paulshof, Sandton, 2196
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We are located behind the Bryanston Shopping Centre

Our firm pride ourselves on transparent, ethical, high-quality, and efficient solutions to your legal needs.

We are a predominantly civil litIgation base firm, based in Sandton, Johannesburg.  


General practice attorneys cover a broad range of areas, but they often do not have many specializations in any particular area.

For this reason, a general practice attorney can represent you in court, draft and review documents, and be your assist in negotiations, however, they may have to refer you to another attorney if they are not familiar with your situation.

In as far as much as General Practice is concerned, we are happy to assist with the following:

• Drafting of lease agreements
• Evictions
• Drafting of cohabitation agreements
• Traffic violations
• Bail applications


 Insurance is a vast area of practice in which our firm has plenty of experience. Our attorneys are well versed in both Long Term, Short Term Insurance as well as Liability Insurance.

 Our services include:

• Advice and opinions on insurance legislation and Acts
• Interpretation of insurance laws and policies
• Litigation on policy liability or repudiated claims
• Insurance claims litigation
• Proofreading and interpretation of policy manuals and wording


We provide services in the field of Notarial Work.

A Notary is a practicing and admitted attorney that has passed an additional practical examination in respect of the practice, functions, and duties of a Notary. This extra examination gives Notaries a further qualification, which bestows upon them statutory powers to witness documents and signatures, draw and attest to contracts and statements, authenticate the validity of certain documents, administer oaths, and perform other wide-ranging administrative functions of a national and international nature.


Conveyancing is the process by which immovable property is transferred from the seller into the name of the buyer and the cancellation of bonds over immovable property.

The conveyancer will prepare the necessary documents and title deeds for the registration of the immovable property in the Deeds office. Thereafter, the conveyancer lodges the necessary documentation at the Deeds office. On the date of registration, the conveyancer attends the registration of deeds on behalf of the seller. After examining the lodged documentation, the registrar of deeds places his signature on the new title deed, and registration is effected.

Our clients are assured of hassle-free and superior service in all matters relating to the transferring of the title to immovable property.


Our attorneys have experience in both corporate and commercial law.

We proud ourselves in our commitment to finding innovative and practical solutions for our clients sees us assist in transactions of varying sizes and in all sectors, making a significant difference to their businesses. In addition to our commercial law services, we are able to incorporate other departments in our firm such as and Labour Law, so as to offer a seamless experience with expert advice covering the entire matter.

As one of the leading corporate and commercial law firms, our experience in mergers and acquisitions means we have a track record of assisting our clients in an area that presents real challenges. They appreciate our ability and experience to execute matters efficiently whilst successfully navigating these specialist issues.

Our services include:
• Joint ventures, partnership, and shareholder arrangements
• 2008 Companies Act and the King Reports on Corporate Governance (South Africa)
• Broad-based black economic empowerment (South Africa)
• Drafting, negotiating, and reviewing all forms of commercial and business contracts
• Duties and responsibilities of directors and officers, and other corporate governance aspects
• General commercial advisory
• Legal compliance
• Estate planning, winding up of deceased estates, drafting of trusts and wills.


Our firm of attorneys has experience in the Construction and Contract Law arena. We litigate on behalf of contractors and sub-contractors.
Unfortunately, there is an increasing trend for clients/project managers not to pay what is due to contractors/subcontractors. This can create dire circumstances where contractors/subcontractors are left out of pocket and often resulting in many smaller companies having to close their doors, resulting in job losses.

Construction Law is predominantly based on contractual principles of duties and rights of the contracting parties. In certain circumstances, it may include delictual matters, where injury or death was caused by or arose out of accidents or negligence at construction sites.

Construction Law in South Africa cannot be considered in isolation. International standards and regulations, as well as International Construction Law, must be considered, as many of the contracts in Construction Law are global. In short, thereof various areas of law that apply to construction work.
We offer retainer and ad hoc services which include but are not limited to, pre-contract advice, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution processes in all aspects of construction and engineering disputes.


Where the registered owner of immovable property has died his or her property will need to be transferred to another person. An individual is appointed by the Master of the High Court. This individual is known as the executor/executrix. Such an individual is the only person who is lawfully authorized and empowered to deal with the assets of the deceased. The purpose is to ensure an orderly winding up of the financial affairs of the deceased, and the protection of the financial interests of the heirs.

The property will often need to be transferred to an heir or beneficiary nominated in the Will of the deceased, however, sometimes it may be in terms of the Intestate Succession Act where there no will was left by the deceased.

The transfer of immovable property from the deceased estate to the heirs or to a third-party purchaser is a complex process and is best handled by an experienced conveyancing attorney.
Our firm will assist you with the following:
• Curatorship appointments
• Drafting of wills
• Estate planning
• Administration of deceased estates
• Drafting, registration, and administration of trusts


The most daunting aspect of instructing a divorce attorney is the prospect of exorbitant legal fees.

If the matter is unopposed, we are amenable to agreeing on a fee with you, upfront, and will not bill you for every phone call or by the hour.

Our attorneys will guide you throughout the process, help you decide on how to divide your assets fairly, and work out what is best for your children. Our attorneys will endeavor to help you to minimize the cost and stress of a divorce.

Our fee includes all consultations and putting together a settlement agreement that will be made a court order. A settlement agreement regulates how assets are divided between the parties, who the kids live with, maintenance, visitation rights, and responsibilities and rights of the parents regarding the children.


We pride ourselves in acting sensitively and expediently while finding acceptable resolutions to Matrimonial, Family, and Child law matters.
We specialise in all areas of family and matrimonial law, including:

• Unopposed and opposed divorces (local and international)
• Matrimonial property system advice
• Mediated divorce settlements
• Maintenance (spousal and children)
• Parenting plan agreements
• Primary residence disputes
• Access/contact with children
• Settlement agreements
• Cohabitation agreements
• Domestic violence
• Antenuptial contracts and changes in matrimonial property regimes
• Rule 43 applications
• Enforcement of orders relating to family law matters
• Parental rights and responsibilities
• Rights of fathers of children born out of wedlock
• Children’s rights

If you require assistance in a matrimonial or family law matter, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm


Jonathan Thomas Takalani Raphunga
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Jonathan Raphunga

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