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Lombard Attorneys

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Banking, Business Law, Commercial, Company Law, Competition Law, Consumer Law, Contracts, Copyright, Corporate, Credit Law, Debt Collections, Defamation, Designs and Copyrights, Employment Law, Evictions, Finance (Corporate), Financial Services Law, Forensic Investigations, Franchising, Fraud, High Court Practice, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, Internet Law / E-Commerce, Labour Law, Leases, Litigation (Commercial), Litigation (Corporate), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Insurance), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Partnership Agreements, Patents, Personal Injury, Property Law, Security, Shareholders Agreements, Social Media, Trademarks, Trusts, White Collar Crime
Carl Cronje Drive, First floor, Willowbridge Centre, Tygervalley
Western Cape / Cape Town
Cape Town
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Lombard Attorneys offers legal assistance in the corporate, retail and finance sectors. We are a corporate law practice whose services are designed not only for large enterprises, but also for small and medium businesses. We protect, defend and enforce the rights of all participants and entities within the business, commercial and financial services sectors, including:

Companies, Partnerships, Close Corporations, Trusts, Franchises, Directors, Shareholders, Employees, Business owners, Clients / customers, Manufacturers / suppliers.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • Corporate misconduct, breach of director's duties, fraud, shareholder protection
  • Commercial property & high-end apartments: Lease disputes, arrear rental, evictions
  • Banking law, insurance claim disputes, credit agreements
  • Cyber law, hacking, social media law, defamation
  • Human resources law: Dismissals, discrimination, breach of service contract
  • Debt collection, debt security, cession, sureties, bonds
  • Intellectual property infringement: Trade mark, patent, copyright
  • Consumer law: Customer disputes, manufacturer/supplier disputes, personal injury/product liability claims
  • Competition law: Restraint of trade, defamation, false advertising, theft of confidential information and trade secrets, 

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Member of the Legal Practice Council
Practice number: 66034
Fidelity Fund number: 06793/2020
Registered in terms of FICA
ORG ID: 50566

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Phil Lombard

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