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LDL Attorneys (Wapadrand, Silver Lakes)

Phone Number:
086 685 4117
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Areas Of Practice:
Construction, Conveyancing, Engineering, Insolvency, Rehabilitations, Sequestrations
Years of Practice:
9 Skei Place, Wapadrand, Pretoria
Gauteng / Pretoria
Silver Lakes
Postal Address:
9 Skei Place, Wapadrand, Pretoria, 0081



LDL Attorneys specializes in Engineering & Construction Law.  We assist our clients in the handling of all contractual matters from the commencement of the project through to the end.  By engaging us from the commencement of the project, you will not only safe money in the long run, but will also be assured that you have an experienced construction law attorney available at all times to assist you in all contractual and legal matters relating to the construction contract. 

We take on a maximum of 10 clients at any given time.  This way, you can rest assure that you get our special attention throughout the duration of your project and also throughout any legal proceedings which might occur during or after the completion of the project.


LDL Attorneys has a specialize Sequestrations (voluntary surrender of estates) and Rehabilitations department.  With our extensive knowledge, cost effectiveness and compassion for our client’s unique situations, we have the ability to assist our clients in difficult circumstances.

If you want to be free of the stress associated with debt, the fear of a knock on your door by the Sheriff seeking your furniture or your home, the inability to spoil your family and the dire situation of having to borrow money from your employer again, contact us today.  We understand your situation and the emotions accompanying therewith.  Let us assist you with a solution. 


LDL Attorneys also has a dedicated and specialized Conveyancing Department.  Here our aim is to deliver uncompromising, fully professional, extremely time efficient and very affordable property transfers.  We assist our clients in any way possible, which includes our client’s not having to take off work to attend to the signature of documents at our offices.  WE COME TO YOU!  Let us assist you with your property transfer and other property related matters, which includes the settling of existing bonds with the bank, in a time efficient manner.

Contact Person:
Lizel de Lange