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Suite 13, Cradock Centre, 280 Cradock Avenue, Lyttleton, Centurion
Gauteng / Pretoria
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P O Box 10934, Centurion, 0046
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Corner of Lenchen South Street, and John Voster drive, Centurion. Entrance in Boabab Nook.

We strongly stand by our clients, no matter what they are going through. Our ability to offer the highest quality service is something we take much pride in, ensuring that we offer our clients only the best there is. We are lawyers and attorneys that focus on rendering results to our clients. We work with families and businesses in a multitude of industries to ensure they get the legal services they need.

Steenkamp Van Niekerk Inc Attorneys was founded in 2008 by Mr. Steenkamp, Our civil and commercial litigation departments have extensive experience, and we strife to furnish our clients with cost effective and professional service delivery.

We accept retainers on request.

We render the following services amongst others:

Arbitration & Mediation

No one wants to go to court, it is time-consuming and expensive to battle out a legal dispute in court.

Arbitration and mediation allow a less formal way to settle a dispute. There is quite a large difference between the two which needs to be understood first. 

Mediators do not issue orders, find fault, or make determinations. Instead, mediators help parties to reach a settlement by assisting with communications, obtaining relevant information, and developing options. In essence it is a negotiation with the assistance of a neutral third party.

Arbitration is when both parties are given an opportunity to present their cases to the arbitrator. Much like a regular court proceeding, lawyers can also question witnesses from both sides. The arbitrator has the power to render a legally binding decision which both parties must honour and the award is enforceable in courts. In essence, it is like the court process as parties still provide testimony and give evidence similar to a trial but it is usually less formal.

We at Steenkamp offer both representation in such cases, assistance and guidance. We also lead arbitration cases.


Labour Law

We offer our labour law services both to employers and employees and always try to solve these matters in a peaceful and calculated manner.

We offer the following to employees:

  • Assistance in disciplinary hearings
  • CCMA case opening and handling
  • Conciliation & Arbitration with your employer
  • Labour Court Litigation Assitance & Guidance
  • Labour Related Legal Advice

We offer the following to employers:

  • Disciplinary hearings
  • CCMA defenses
  • Conciliation & Arbitration with employees
  • Labour Court Litigation Assitance & Guidance
  • Employment contracts
  • Labour Related Legal Advice

Training of human resource departments and continuous legal assistance in these departments
To employers our legal advice and guidance are also available under retainer basis, this ensures your legal front is covered in labour.


Family Law & Divorce

We care about family life and give a range of services to protect, maintain and ensure a healthy family life. 

We assist in harassment, family violence and protection orders. 

During maintenance of a child in a divorce, we can assist both the maintainer and the person paying maintenance in negotiating these terms. 

We handle divorces and separation and also help in custody cases. We offer 24/7 guardian assistance and can process these cases at a judge within a limited timeframe. 

We also provide marital and prenuptial agreements.


Drunk Driving, Bail & Criminal Defence

At Steenkamp attorneys, we specialise in commercial crimes and litigation. We, however, have vast experience with the criminal system. 

We aid with bail applications and ensure that the correct process is followed accordingly. We always aim to resolve bail matters as soon as possible.

We also offer our expert services in the defence of criminal allegations.

Drunk driving is a reality, and the implications of such an offence can be very hard to process. In most cases when represented by an attorney during your drunk driving trail the chances of a minimum punishment are increased, in some cases where negligence was executed, you will be able to have your case dismissed. We have a lot of experience with drunk driving cases and are very familiar with the system and processing regarding them.


Properties Transfer & Conveyancing

We assist our clients with the transfer of property and can act as a conveyancing provider. 

It is common for a real estate agent to force his conveyancer upon you, this however usually comes with higher fees since you think you have no other choice. However, it is important to note that the buyer of a property is allowed to choose his own legal entity to assist in the transfer. 

We also assist with rental contract, lease, purchase and sale agreements. 

We also keep pricing clear with our clients and ensure that we know what the fees for the deed will be at all times.


Commercial & Corporate Law

At Steenkamp we have vast experience in commercial and corporate law, it is our main service and our core focus.

We excel in this degree of law and offer our client exemplary results on a regular basis. 

For commercial entities we offer the following services: 

  • Help in the registration of a legal commercial entity
  • Advice on the structure of the commercial entity
  • Commercial contracts, agreements, negotiations and advice
  • Facilitating of mergers and acquisitions
  • Assistance with Corporate governance

We also offer specialised contract services, these are: 

  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Director Agreements
  • Partnership Contracts
  • Joint Venture Contracts
  • En Commandite Partnerships


Civil Litigation

At Steenkamp, we are skilled in the process followed by the high court, district and magistrate courts in South Africa. 

Legal disputes arise, in which case you will be seeking money damages or specific performance instead of criminal sanctions. We represent our clients in trials, arbitrations and mediations.

We also handle civil correspondent instruction on behalf of our clients and ensure they know what these instructions mean.

Our civil litigation covers:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Collections
  • Damages claims
  • Monies claimed for services rendered
  • National Credit Act
  • Consumer Protection related litigation

Offering advice and assistance for legal prosecution and challenges allows us to offer our clients a prosperous legal footing.


Wealth Protection & Estate Planning

Estate planning is an essential part in any person’s life. It is essential for any person who has any liabilities and assets to have an estate plan in place. 

Wills and Testaments allow you to ensure that your estate goes to who matters most. It is also not only for older persons, it is higly recommended that you protect your wealth or at least afford yourself the opportunity to create the correct mechanisms to protect your future wealth and do tax efficiently. In the case of accidental cover, your estate won’t go to the state. 

We offer the following in regards to estate planning: 

  • Wills and testaments
  • Family trusts
  • Business trust
  • Asset protection structuring
  • Estate executor service

We also offer tax advice, guidance and structuring.


Liquidation, Sequestration & Debt Collection

Sequestration is when a natural person has to dissolve assets to pay their liabilities. We offer voluntary surrender or forced surrender based on advised or forced services. We administrate and litigate the entire process on your behalf. 

Whenever a legal entity that is not a person has to dissolve assets to pay liabilities we offer an administration and legislation service for liquidation to these clients. 

We also offer a debt collection service for both small and large amounts, we can even go straight to litigation actions where the monetary value makes sense. Additionally, we make use of soft collection strategies.

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