Attorneys that are currently listed as practicing at Eugene Kruger & Kie Inc (Silver Lakes, Pretoria)

  1. Eugene Kruger
    Years of Practice: 45     Position: Director

    Eugene Kruger was admitted as an attorney and conveyancer on February 1970 and has since been practicing as attorney and conveyancer. Besides general legal work, he also specialized in liquor matters and in 1977 the firm was one of the first to be successful in the applications for liquor licenses f... click for more information

  2. Eugene (JNR) Kruger
    Years of Practice: 9     Position: Director

    Eugene Kruger (Jnr.) is a qualified youth worker with an honours degree in practical theology and has been admitted as an attorney in January 2010. He has been involved with the firm during the past 9+ years, during his articles and thereafter. From the start he was involved with liquor board matter... click for more information